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This website presents a comprehensive scientific analysis of a controversial region of Mars called Cydonia.


The purest intention of science and religion is the pursuit of truth.

The two were destined to dance.

Welcome to the truth Welcome to the light

The Face on Mars will show you the way.


"Geometry existed before the creation." -Plato


On Christmas eve, 2007, I was influenced to start collecting and organizing all of my images so that I could begin putting some kind of coherent presentation together about everything I had learned to date. 

The next morning, Christmas morning, I started writing.

I would soon learn...

The Face on Mars doesn't just mean something, it means everything.

It is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

It is a symbolic representation of our Sun, consciousness, & the real physics that drives it all.

Click image for full resolution. (remember ctrl +/- to zoom in & out)

Please note that the end of the above flowchart is slightly different from the one I show in the video.

The only thing that's changed is the position of output.

The following videos are also available on my YouTube channel.

Flowchart 1 & 2



Cydonia 101 parts 1-3



A must read

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