Posted: Monday, August 15, 2005.

I posted my measurements and analysis of the Face on Mars yesterday afternoon around 1:00 PM.

No sooner, I received a knock on the door. My father, Paul, died in some kind of a watercraft accident.

I don’t know much about the details, except it was not a hit and run.

He was by himself. He was 69 years old, my partner at work, my best friend and father.

I miss him terribly already.

  Whatever happens next, Tata, will be to prove I’m the man you taught me to be.

This site is dedicated to you, my inspiration.

You taught me to never let anyone tell me the answers.

“Figure it out for yourself, Max”.

I did, Tata…. I did.

I love you so much.

Thank you for everything.


Posted: August 28, 2005.

 I’ve learned much since I posted last about my father’s death.

Because his death was ‘unattended’ his body was taken to Baltimore for autopsy.

Turns out he had scarring from two previous heart attacks.

He never said a word.

He simply endured the pain.

That was Paul.

Mind over matter, never let anything stand in your way.

  We’ve assembled enough information to ascertain that he had complications from heart disease, passed out in the water and drowned.

We were so close and shared many deep philosophical beliefs.

If anything, this entire experience (much of which I have yet to share) has served as a powerful affirmation of everything we believed and practiced.

We knew this time would come and we never took one moment for granted.

I’m stronger for it and more determined than ever.


  In loving memory of my father, Paul. 1936 – 2005

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