Can of Worms Revised Edition

(Posted 02/25/2012)

(03/26/12 update)

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The original version of this paper contains quite a few errors.

Unlike Hoagland and Carlotto, however, my errors are honest and completely unintentional.

Insofar as Hoagland's and Carlotto's glaring omission (which I'm about to present) coupled with all the measurable errors I've documented elsewhere, one is left with only two possibilities.

1) They are both completely incompetent (Which they're not).

2) They intentionally omitted and misrepresented critical information.

The latter, of course, carries with it a myriad of weighty considerations and  implications.

I've discussed some of these considerations and implications at length elsewhere.

I could easily add to my one way discussion, but I'm through speculating on their intentions.

Aside from some minor details, I believe I've taken this as far as I can without having some important questions answered.

Seeing as how Hoagland refuses to answer my questions, I'm now officially placing the ball in their court.

I think it's about time we all got a detailed explanation.




I downloaded Redshift 7 Premium on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2012.

I left for Mars later that afternoon.

The next several weeks (Earth time) was spent measuring, measuring, measuring.

Before long I was feeling extremely confused and WAY in over my head.

Eventually, I learned how to swim.


Part 1: Rate of Obliquity


As soon as I arrived on Mars I got a feel for the controls by measuring current events and Mars' next winter and summer solstices.

Then I went 1,624 years into the future.

I found and measured another summer solstice line.

I measured a .803 degree shift.

Eventually, I went back in time 4700 years and measured ~.4 degree shift.

That's a 50% discrepancy.

If I average them out, the numbers are close to accepted values.

There might be a good reason why these rates were so inconsistent, but I decided until I learn more, I could throw them out.

Values for the rate of obliquity vary from 172,000 to 175,000 years per cycle.

Eventually, I was able to fine tune this number to 172,352 years per 60 degree cycle.

So, half that would be 86,176 years per 30 degrees.

(image source: NASA)


Part 2: Obliquity VS Solstice


I worked under the assumption that from a stationary perspective the summer solstice line will always be directly proportional to the obliquity.

In other words, if Mars' current obliquity is 25.19...

and the current measured summer solstice line is 33.8666...

and I wanted to know the solstice line for an obliquity of 23.5...


Answer: 31.6 degrees.

This basic ratio produced these provocative results.

The value of the angles reaching across the Face... 2.35.

Even the assumed minimum and maximum solstice lines reflect 47.

Look at how these lines grab The Face.

Through the tip of the Lion's ear.

Through the eyes of Horus & Ra.

Through the exact middle of The Face.

Tangent to the Testicle of Seth.

Notice the marker for the current yellow line.

It's easy to conclude that The Face marks summer solstice lines that correspond to critical 'tetrahedral' obliquity angles.

Now consider this.

In all the talk by Hoagland and Carlotto about dating Cydonia via summer solstice alignments, not ONCE do they bother to mention WINTER solstice alignments.

This is the glaring omission I mentioned above.

At the same time the summer solstice rises up and out of the The Face, the winter solstice rises up and out of the D&M Pyramid.

Again, it's easy to conclude that the D&M Pyramid marks winter solstice lines that correspond to critical 'tetrahedral' obliquity angles.

There's simply no conceivable WAY Hoagland and Carlotto didn't think of and notice this.


Part 3: Obliquity vs. Star Shift


Next, I had to deal with the shifting of the stars.

Since Sirius disappears not too far into the future, I went backwards in time 6,700 years.

I measured the shift in the rising and setting of the stars Sirius (Dog star, Isis), Alnilam (middle star of Orion's belt, Osiris), and Regulus (the heart of Leo, Ra).

All three of them shifted at different rates and all three were rising higher in the sky.

After collecting the data on these targets, I started using simple ratios.

According to Redshift, 6,712 years ago, Sirius rose at 141.2306 degrees.

Simply subtract that from Sirius' current rise.

155.0404 - 141.2309 = 13.8095 degree shift per 6,712 years in the rise of Sirius.

Orion = 7.7095 degrees per 6,712 years

Regulus = 4.6732 degrees per 6,712 years.


Part 4: Does a Trinity Rise Out of The Face?


A couple of years ago, I added something to Hoagland's summer solstice scenario.

I said that Leo ought to be rising out of the Eye of Ra along with the Earth and Sun.

If I push the geometry with Regulus, something interesting happens.

Regulus' current rise to the Eye of Ra measures exactly 60 degrees.

Given Regulus' rate of movement via Redshift, the time that falls out of this relationship is 86,176 years.

This is how I was able to fine tune the rate of Mars' obliquity.

So what needs to happen for the summer solstice to rise out of that same line?

This is what needs to happen.

If 86,176 Earth years is exactly half the obliquity cycle of Mars, then I can assume Mars's tilt traveled 30 degrees per 86,176 years.

But two problems arise.

The first problem challenged my assumption re Mars' maximum and minimum obliquity.

I have to adjust the minimum tilt.

The new minimum obliquity angle must be 7.97 degrees.

Given that the exact angles for maximum and minimum obliquity are the most debatable numbers out there, this adjustment didn't bother me at all.

The cycle and rate per 60 degrees remains.

The second problem is that if the shifting of the stars is directly related to the obliquity of Mars, then Regulus cannot rise out of The Face... ever.

Why? Because 49,625 years ago Mars' obliquity reaches minimum and Regulus maxes out.

So, my predicted trinity does not happen.

But as we shall soon see, other trinities do rise.

Could this 'miss' represent the "broken trinity"?


What I eventually got out of this exercise (besides a major headache) was this.

I was able to discover Mars' minimum obliquity through the assumption that a trinity rises out of the Eye of Ra.

As I ironed things out, this assumption gets reinforced once more through the maximum rise of Orion.

And why shouldn't it?

After all, the story isn't so much about Regulus (Ra) as it is about Seth, Horus, Sirius and Orion.


Part 5: The Story unfolds


If we start and unwind the clock from 86,000 years ago, this is what happens.

The summer solstice Sun rises out of the Eye of Ra and begins to descend south.

A winter solstice trinity rises out of and crowns the D&M Pyramid.

So, let's run through a whole cycle and observe the story as it unfolds on Mars' horizon and across the sky.

86,176 years ago...

As the summer and winter solstices descend, Sirius and Orion ascend.

73,853 years ago...

59,663 years ago...

54,097 years ago...

 51,933 years ago, The Face is 'captured'.

Sirius peaks just before she enters the Fort.

Orion peaks exactly at the Eye of Ra, 49,625 years ago.

This is the changing of the guard... the anointment so to speak of Orion by Regulus.

Then the cycle reverses itself.

The Face is 'captured' again 47,317 years ago.

45,153 years ago, Sirius rises through the Eye of Ra.

The following critical juncture leads to a major conclusion that I'll explain further down.

What needs to be understood for now is Orion has symbolically fallen behind Sirius.

He has been trapped and is soon to be destroyed by Seth.

39,588 years ago...

25,397 years ago..

16,683 years ago...

12,950 years ago...

7,727 years ago...

4,700 years ago...

While I neglected to illustrate it, Regulus finally gets involved here and now.

The Earth, Sun, followed by Regulus currently rise together.

Next, we move 3,308 years into the future.

Jumping 36,797 years into the future takes us to Mars' maximum obliquity.

I trust by now the reader can fill in the blanks to complete the remaining years which cycle the sky back to where we started.

For anyone who wishes, I put all of these images onto a single .gif

That can be seen here.


Part 6: The Destruction & Resurrection of Orion


Now allow me to back up and talk about what's going on in the west as the stars descend south and set in the west.

As I stated earlier, it's at this point Orion dies from the perspective of Sirius.

In another paper, I go into detail about the reflections conveying the trapping, destruction, and resurrection of Orion.

As Orion crosses the monument known as "The Key" (upper right in blue),  those reflections begin to come into focus.

When Orion crosses the threshold of due east, we see Seth putting the lid on Orion's coffin.

But Regulus is ahead of Orion for the resurrection.

When Orion over takes Ra, Orion is destroyed all over again.


Part 7: The Story Continues from the Perspective of Sirius


Not long after Sirius overtakes Orion on the horizon, she begins to find pieces of him strewn across the landscape.

Orion the Rose.

Orion the Butterfly.

Eventually, Sirius begins rising up and out of the D&M around 16,700 years ago.

Symbolically, she has found Orion's body.

Then, about 6,269 years ago Sirius finds the phallus of Orion.

This alignment, of course, leads to the immaculate conception.

Then Sirius finds Horus (through the solstice Sun) as he hangs on the cross about 4,700 years ago.

There's that 4.7 again.

The message gets reinforced over and over and over.

Through the geometry, the dates, and the reflections.

The symbolism appears to be describing our creation in the years leading up to ancient Sumer.


Part 8: Current Alignments


First, this is the place to be... not "in the square", rather ON this intensely reflective 'mound'.

If one stands here, one will find himself at the HEART of Cydonia.

From this vantage point, the story of the gods unfolds on the horizon, across the sky, and through the monuments of Cydonia.


While I was discovering the mound was the place to be, I found and measured the beginning of the next helical rising of Sirius.

It begins on 10/8 & 10/9 of 2012.

Between those two dates Orion trades places with the Sun on the horizon.

At the same time this exchange happens, the Earth rises 4.7 degrees away from the Sun.

When Earth reaches an altitude of 30 degrees, it is directly between the Sun and Orion.

4.7 & 2.35 again... 30 isn't insignificant either.

The next significant date is 12/03/2012.

On that day, Sirius breaks the horizon just before the Sun.

A few days later, on Earth's winter solstice, 12/21/2012, the Sun creates this reflection as it breaks the horizon with Sirius hanging in the morning sky.

Notice the 'crater' in the upper half of the reflection.

Not to be outdone, Orion's current rise reflects Orion in full form.

Now let's fast forward to Mars' next significant event, the winter solstice.

It just so happens it takes place on March 13, 2013.

That date rings two bells for me.

First, it just so happens to be my birthday.

Second, it is the 15th anniversary of another major event.

The Phoenix Lights.

On this impending date an alignment will occur at Cydonia that surprised even me.

An unexpected trinity rising.

The Sun in the middle, exactly one degree away from Earth and Regulus.

It's as if this clock is about to expire.

Symbolically, Regulus follows the Sun.

This trinity, by the way, is the third trinity rising.

The reflection for this day is interesting to say the least.

On that date, these 'winged ships' come together.

I'll talk a little more about this reflection at the end of this paper.

Moving on with current alignments...

The next significant date is February 15, 2014.

That will be Mars' summer solstice.

33.8666 degrees north of east is what I measured the solstice line to be.


That Mars is moving into all these specific alignments now leads to several mind boggling conclusions.

The least of which is that Mars and Earth, if not our entire solar system, has been deliberately synchronized to coincide with this giant clock.


Part 9: Motion of Planets and Finding the Dark Star


Here is the maximum and minimum swing of Earth against the current tilt of Mars.

Here is Jupiter's maximum and minimum.

Neptune's maximum and minimum.

Pluto's maximum and minimum.

So what have I learned from this exercise?

First, the Earth has nearly the same swing as the Sun on the Martian horizon.

The swing will also follow (not counter) the shift of the solstice lines as Mars' obliquity changes.

That means the Earth should always be available to participate in a "trinity rising event".

Second, I discovered that a planet whose orbit is inclined to the ecliptic has a dramatic effect on the swing.

Simply observe how narrow Pluto's swing is compared to Earth, Jupiter, and Neptune.

This got me thinking.

Early on, I had a hunch and measured something that caught my eye.

My hunch was that these two lines somehow represent the current position of our Sun's hidden companion.

My socks nearly came off when I measured and found this.

Sites and markers... sites and markers.


The geometry and symbolism are definitely trying to tell us something.

This is what it is.

So... if that is supposed to represent minimum, how do I discover maximum?

Easy... sites and markers, sites and markers.


When I measured this (& my cats can attest) my socks literally shot off my feet.

19.5 thousand years per half orbit.


The lines are all pushing the Dark Star and revealing details about it's orbit including it's current position.

Start the clock when Mars is at minimum obliquity 49,625 years ago.

39,588 years ago...

29,551 years ago...

20,101 years ago...

10,651 years ago...

600 years ago...

The Dark Star's current position.

Again, for anyone who wishes, I put all of these images onto a single .gif

That can be seen here.

From these measurements one can predict that this star orbits our Sun once every ~39,000 years.

She is currently moving into these critical 'tetrahedral' alignments.

And there's more.

Given what I've measured concerning Pluto...

and given that Pluto's orbit is inclined to the ecliptic by ~17 degrees...

I can extrapolate that the Dark Star's orbit is inclined by about -37.3 degrees.

That number is relevant because it's .865 x 2 away from 39.

Simply astonishing because all this means our solar system (at the very least) is entirely designed.

INCLUDING our 60 degree orientation to the GALACTIC equator.

A few years ago I suggested the D&M might represent (among other things) a super massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way.

How can that supposition now be rationally denied?

There's one more thing I'd like to point out.

Notice the 'loop' in the planets' orbits.

That motion hasn't been neglected in the design of Cydonia.


Part 10: Dr. Van Flandern's Exploded Planet V


I believe one can take this amazing information even further.

It is reasonable to assume that the orientation of our solar system's ecliptic to the galactic equator ALSO varies.

It is also reasonable to assume that this orientation would vary over vast amounts of time.

Probably on the order of millions of years.

Here's what I'm thinking.

Since this highly provocative geometry I've discovered along the way...

... leads to these highly provocative reflections:

The King

The Sphinx of Seth

The Dragon

Then it's logical to assume this...

... is trying to tell us something about our relationship to the galactic equator!

Given this current relationship...

... and the ASSUMPTION this galactic alignment shifts over time...

... then the following measurement should tell us when Planet V exploded.

19.47 degrees

Taken one step further, we should be able to measure how long this super civilization actually thrived.

The window from King to Dragon is exactly 2.35 degrees.

Assuming I'm right in my many assumptions and interpretations the burning question is...

What's the rate?

I'll take a wild guess...

How about... 65 million years per 19.5 degrees.

Give or take .3 degrees worth of error.

Now where have I seen that before... :)

One more thing, though.

If Mars was the Moon of Planet V, then this indicates Mars' rotation around it...

23.5 degrees.

Sites & markers, sites & markers.


Part 11: Ecliptic Obliquity, Regulus, & The Trinity


Recall that Regulus came up short of rising out of The Face by 34.5 degrees.

Regulus reaches maximum when Mars' tilt is at minimum, 7.91 degrees.

I need more tilt.

Now that I know our ecliptic tilts at a presumable rate of 19.4 degrees per 65 million years, I can take another look at Regulus.

With Mars' obliquity at minimum and the galactic equator at 72.8 degrees, Regulus does rise out of the Eye of Ra 42.8 million years ago.

If I push this beyond the limit of Planet V's explosion (impossible, of course), I get a mathematical trinity rising 86 million years ago.

To me, this suggests that they arrived 86 million years ago.

42.3 million years ago would be a pretty good guess on when Cydonia was actually created.

So, there it is... Regulus rose out of the Eye of Ra 42 million years ago.


Part 12: Conclusions & Predictions


The Face marks summer solstice lines that correspond to critical 'tetrahedral' obliquity angles.

The D&M Pyramid marks winter solstice lines that correspond to the same critical 'tetrahedral' obliquity angles.

The D&M Pyramid represents the super massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

The King/Dragon/Fort relationship points to the destruction of Dr. Van Flandern's exploded Planet V (probably 65 million years ago)

Mars was the moon of Planet V.

Mars' maximum and minimum obliquity is 37.97 and 7.97 degrees respectively.

Mars' obliquity cycle is 172,352 years long.

86,176 years ago, the clock begins with the Sun rising up and out of the Eye of Ra on The Face.

86,176 years ago, the Earth, Sirius and Sun all rose out of the D&M Pyramid on the winter solstice. (These alignments repeat 13,000 years ago)

49,625 years ago, Orion reaches his maximum and rises out of the Eye of Ra on The Face.

47,300 years ago, Sirius and Orion 'capture' The Face.

45,150 years ago, Sirius rises out of the Eye of Ra on The Face.

On March 13, 2013, the Earth, the Sun, and Regulus will all rise out of  D&M Pyramid on the winter solstice.

February 15, 2014 is Mars' next summer solstice.

All major alignments appear to reflect significant eras in Earth's ancient history.

The impending alignments at Cydonia are synchronized with significant alignments occurring on Earth and throughout our solar system.

Earth's obliquity (23.5) is symbolically designed such that the solstice line will always shine through The Face on Mars. (Now THAT'S cool)

A Dark Star companion to our Sun currently resides opposite Orion in the celestial sphere.

This Dark Star orbits our Sun once every 39,000 years.

The symbolism of Cydonia implies a major intervention in the development of the human race.

The symbolism implies 'they' arrived from Sirius ~87 million years ago.

The symbolism implies Cydonia was constructed ~42 million years ago.


Part 13: Quick Speculation


As soon as I saw 86,000 years, I immediately Googled, "evolution, 86,000 years ago".

The first link read as follows...

"... more recent studies of African mtDNA haplotypes suggest our maternal founders lived between 61,000 & 86,000 years ago (Atkinson et al., 2009)".

86,000 years ago, the Sun was rising out of the Eye of Ra.

If one then Googles "human evolution", he finds that even Wikipedia agrees "Primate evolution began sometime in the late cretaceous period, ~85 million years ago.

That figures in nicely to the conceptual trinity rising of Ra ~87 million years ago.

I hope these dots connect themselves because therein lies a huge "Can of Worms".


Part 14: My Challenge


The internet has been buzzing lately about the possibility of someone coming back.

How and where could such a rumor have started?

Easy... The reflections of Cydonia.

On March 13, 2013 these ships come together.

A friend of mine once said to me, "You know, Max, there are a lot of ways to interpret those images."

I completely agree.

However, there is only one RIGHT way.

In order to be able to discern the right way, one must first be able to admit that Cydonia is real and discuss the implications rationally.

Now, would anyone care to discuss the implications of this incoming "asteroid" 2012 DA14?

It happens to be scheduled to arrive on February 15, 2013.

That's 26  (13 x 2) days until Cydonia's special March 13, 2013 "trinity rising winter solstice"  event.

Given everything we now know, there is simply no mathematical WAY this thing could be anything BUT another derelict(?) ship.

It is also EXACTLY one year away from Mars' next summer solstice.

I think the only rational thing to do is to try and visit this space ship first hand.

I hope this challenge inspires humanity to realize itís true potential and opportunity.

Now is our chance to elevate and change the world...


Manned Mission to asteroid 2012 DA14



I've also heard Hoagland say that aside from a hidden dark star, there might be one more major planet out there as well.

Could this be what he is thinking?

This huge circle on The Key, highlighted in blue, certainly stands out.

If I'm right, Hoagland had a really good idea because the geometry of the Mound would finally be completely utilized.

There would be a good reason for that giant hole in the Key too.

So now I'm guessing there's probably a way to figure out this Planet's rate of orbit.

If the above graphic's assumption is correct, I already know this planet orbits relatively close to the ecliptic.

Maybe this is a start.

From the 13.7 degree line, if we look north on The Key, we find "The Dark Star".

And we already know she is heading north on the horizon.

That leaves me one logical choice... south.



"But I could be wrong..." - C. Sagan


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