The Crux of Cydonia

(Posted 06/05/10)

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This paper will be short but very sweet.

 When I ended my recent update to Splitting Hairs, I had no idea that I had just laid down the line which would lead to the ultimate reinforcement to one of my core arguments.

That argument being, The Face implicitly hangs on a cross.

No matter where the geometry takes me, no matter what problem I've encountered and overcome, or mistake I've induced and subsequently corrected...

... I keep coming back to the same inescapable conclusion vis--vis the cross.

Call it a hunch or maybe even a premonition, but I ended Splitting Hairs by writing, "The only thing left to do is keep going and start putting it all together.".

I followed that text with these three images.

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What I was about to discover changes everything by bringing it ALL together.


I took a day or two off from Cydonia to digest what I had just learned.

I then proceeded to wrestle with this unusually shaped 'mound'.

I decided to turn to higher resolution data that I know is geometrically distorted.

I thought perhaps measuring such a (relatively) small feature up close, focusing only on it, I might be able to get my measurements into a tighter ballpark and then transfer them on to my THEMIS mosaic.

(MGS mosaic by Gary Leggiere)


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That turned out to be a great idea.

The above lines translate on to the THEMIS data as follows.

Geometrically, one of the more intriguing hits is the 33.3 degree line passing through the City Square.

I've learned enough by now to know it probably isn't a coincidence.

Next, I did the reflections for that line.

I think they're interesting, but I wouldn't want to pull them out as two of my best examples.

(Below image same as above, rotated 180 degrees)

Next, I did the reflections on the middle line of the three 39.0 degree lines.

Again, a similar result.

Interesting, but not exactly 'wow' material.

I think this image below might show something really cool on much higher resolution data.

But for now... I am not overly impressed.

Next, on this 66.6 degree line...

... Isis really jumped off the screen.

I must admit, I was encouraged when I saw this.

Then on my very last try, the line I had actually measured and placed at the end of Splitting Hairs, 19.5 off the D&M's left arm...

... an amazing face of Horus with a very tall, double pointed crown appeared.

Now I was excited.

And my excitement was soon to be justified.

Because on the flip side of that, hidden on the mighty D&M Pyramid...

... I discovered the LARGEST sphinx of Cydonia....

The Sphinx of Osiris.

(Image source:


It took me all of about 10.5 minutes to realize what this enormous fourth sphinx means to the overall message of Cydonia.

All four sphinxes logically position themselves around Isis, The Burning Heart of Cydonia.

The two sphinxes (1 & 2)which represent Set balance the arms.

Osiris, by far the largest sphinx, serves as the anchor.

Horus sits on top, and rightly so.

The Sphinx of Horus is clearly a complete, detailed and unique sphinx compared to the other three hair lipped faces.

Through the geometry and unmistakable REDUNDANT symbolism Isis, Osiris, Set, and Horus reveal themselves as the Crux of Cydonia.

Thus providing the PARAMOUNT reinforcement to the entire crux of the Cydonia argument.

I can now stop saying The Face implicitly hangs on a cross because the symbolism is now overwhelming and undeniable.

From the Scarab beetle and Lotus flower coming into focus exactly on the cross' vertical...

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

... to the two sets of reinforcing trinities...

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

... to the most significant reinforcement of all...

... I can now say, with conviction, "The Face on Mars explicitly hangs on a cross".

Ergo, coupled with what I was able to conclusively prove in Humble Pie, The Face on Mars truly does means everything.

It is unquestionably...

"The Way, The Truth, and The Light."

What I can't seem to stop saying is, "WOW!"

"WOW!", because the vast implications of this "Message of Cydonia" to humanity's past, present, and future are... in a word...


(Image source: ESA)

(Image source: THEMIS)


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