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(Posted: 07/26/09)

(Updated: 02/12/10)

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The past 4 years have been a blur.

I have learned so much and at the same time, come to realize, how much more there is to discover.

With so much circulating through my head, it didn't come as a surprise to me to find out... I had it right the first time.


If one goes to this page of my 'journal entries' and scrolls down to the 04/16/06 entry, one will see the 'full' Dragon reflection as I've been posting him, (only utilizing this data), since I put together "Truth & Light".

Back in April of 2006, I was calling him 'The Bull' because of this obvious reflection...

 ... but discussions on the Enterprise Mission's private forum lead me to accept and believe that the two images are distinctly different.

One is a Dragon, the other, a Bull. 

At the time, I didn't quite understand the significance of the differentiation, but as of this writing, I believe I have a better grasp and understanding.

I'll get to that later.

First, I need to illustrate, explain, and rectify the mistake I made with regards to "The Dragon".

If one goes back to this page and scrolls down to my 03/30/06 entry and compares it to my 04/16/06 entry, one will see when and where I made the mistake.

The how will need some explanation.

Simply said... I ventured off Gary's mosaic and carelessly began working with this specific image.

This venture, coupled with my, as of that journal entry, inexperience... really screwed me up.

I had somehow completely forgotten about all my previous hard work which I had posted barely 2 weeks prior on 03/30/06 and convinced myself that this new effort was correct.

The mistake came from incorrectly aligning the image which lead to these two incorrect images:

Had I oriented the image properly, I would have quickly realized the above two images should look like this.

This corresponds nicely to Gary's mosaic.

So, from 04/16/06 until just recently, I was convinced that the full Dragon reflection came in to focus utilizing the Fort's circle.

When in fact, as shown by the two reflections above, there are two versions of the same Dragon revealed via a 33.3 line through two specific points given by the Fort... 

The circle & the site.

Now, the reason I kept making this mistake over and over again is because this image...

... is geometrically distorted.

According to Gary's mosaic, plus a few other data sets I've worked with and shared along the way, 60 degrees away from True North should pass through the City Square and not run into a literal wall.

The same .9 degree discrepancy appears on the Tholus as well.

What I find interesting, perhaps even a bit suspicious, is this .9 degree discrepancy could be interpreted as an intentional geometric distortion induced by the ASU team who released the image.

I say this because of the .865 lines measured here...

See what I mean? 

It's as if somebody induced the ~.9 (.865?) discrepancy on purpose.

A.... geometric reflection of my work.

If so, I'm flattered. ;-) 


The point of all this is... with regards to the Dragon, I kept repeating my mistake because even though I never shared my work on this data, I had done the work and I knew the geometry didn't pan out.

However, for my presentation, I really wanted to use this beautiful, color data.

So for many of the reflections, what I did was, from memory, simply "eyeball"  the lines as I knew them to be on Gary's map.

Hence, the redundant mistake.


Luckily... the mistake doesn't really change much about my analyses.

Rather, it forces me to expand.

If one goes back to Truth & Light or Stubborn Assumptions, all one really needs to do is substitute this image...

For this one...

Either way, the same line applied to the Fort's circle or the Fort's site still reflects a Dragon...

             and a pentagon.


But, like I said, now I have to expand.


The only reason I uncovered this mistake is because of a man I respectfully call "The Professor"... Richard C. Hoagland.

In The Enterprise Mission's private forum, I was having a discussion about the work and hypotheses I presented in Stubborn Assumptions.

Ever since I wrote that, admittedly, I've had a one track mind regarding the Fort, what I've read into it, and the possible implications.

I couldn't get my thoughts away from the possibility that December 21, 2012, 11:11 am, GMT, commonly referred to as the end time according to Maya prophecy was somehow connected to the Dark Star's approach to our inner solar system and perigee to the Sun.

This possibility I deduce in Stubborn Assumptions by asserting the obvious connection between the Fort's circle and the Dragon.

What I neglected was something that I remembered but chose to ignore because I simply couldn't see how it fit into the equation.

It took The Professor telling me to "dig deeper" because "2012 is NOT a Newtonian problem, i.e., Planet X", to set me on the right track again.

Even though I still don't believe the passing of Planet X through our inner solar system has to necessarily produce a "Newtonian" effect to be catastrophic, his comment immediately sent me back to Gary's map and the Dragon which is when and how I discovered my mistake.

All of a sudden... I had a reason to acknowledge that which I've heard several times through the course of more than a decade of research.

On the winter solstice of 2012, at precisely 11:11 am GMT, a MAJOR celestial event is going to occur.

Our solar system will complete another incredibly long cycle around the Milky Way at which time our Sun and the Galactic center will rise together, in perfect alignment, over the Earth.

I know of no one who has delved deeper or more thoroughly into the symbolism of this celestial event than David Flynn.

On that web page, Flynn writes:

"The Milky Way Galaxy is the inspiration for the symbol of the Ouroboros. Myth refers to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. The Milky Way is this serpent, and viewed at galactic central point near Sagittarius, this serpent eats its own tail."

"The Milky Way galaxy keeps a great time cycle that ends in catastrophic change. The sign of the SUNTELIA AION is the sun rising out of the mouth of the Ouroboros, which will occur on the solstice December 2012."

At this point, I should hope the connection is obvious.

Throughout history, Dragons have often been portrayed as serpents.

(Image taken from this website.)

So what I've deduced from all this is, first of all and thankfully, The Professor is still a few steps ahead of me.

Second... the D&M Pyramid represents a very large and very powerful spinning system.

Mainstream science acknowledges there is, in all likelihood, a super massive black hole residing at the center of our Milky Way.

Apparently, whoever constructed the Monuments of Cydonia also thinks this is true because it is represented and accounted for through the mighty D&M Pyramid. 

Third, Hoagland and, independently, I, have made a possible connection between Cydonia, 2012, and Earth.

(Section updated 02/12/10)

But the above is not to say there might be other... more scientific...ways to interpret the symbolism.

Recently, I came across John Major Jenkins' website.

What caught my attention was his assertion about what he calls the "2012 era".

He asserts, quite logically, that the galactic alignment is actually a window through which we are currently passing.

Jenkins writes: "The precise alignment of the solstice point (the precise center-point of the body of the sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was calculated to occur in 1998"

Jenkins then illustrates his point simply and elegantly with the following two diagrams.

If this is true (I cannot think of a reason why it is not), it has some pretty amazing implications.

Given the upcoming 2012 date is a winter solstice event, it makes much more sense to assume this True North line...

... which points through the Face (a symbolic representation of our Sun), represents the greatly anticipated 2012 winter solstice.

In turn, that means we are currently moving towards the reflection of the Butterfly.

Here is the evidence to support this idea and direction.

First, look at Jenkins' illustration.

Notice the alignment in 1998 versus 2012 with respect to the center of the Sun.

Compare that to the D&M's actual relationship to The Face and it's circle which notates the exact center.

See what I'm getting at?

But there's more.

Next I asked myself if there is any evidence which might support the reason there's a Butterfly appearing as the Sun transits and moves towards the edge of the galactic center.

Richard Hoagland provides some astonishing hard evidence in the form of some very real experimental science.

Simply put in my own words we are looking at a graph of an accutron's (which is just a sophisticated 'tuning fork') activity plotted against the transit of Venus across the Sun.

The experiment takes place at the famous Coral Castle in Miami, Florida.

(Hoagland explains the above experiment in much greater detail here.)

Now watch what happens if one uses this experiment as an analogy.

Simply substitute the Sun and Venus with the galactic center and the Sun respectively.

It elegantly reinforces the actual geometry of 2012 (as illustrated by Jenkins) compared to the precision geometry and symbolism of Cydonia.


The Butterfly appears precisely on this line because that is precisely when the actual physical effects begin to climax.

What concerns me is this section of Hoagland's experiment.

The exact moment Venus has cleared and her outermost edge is tangent to the Sun, the accutron exhibits the most activity.

Because of that "4th contact" section of the graph, I am inclined to believe (simply because of all the doomsayers and fear surrounding 2012) the end of the galactic alignment scenario is represented by this line because of it's tangency to the Fort.

The only problem I have with this assumption is I don't know where the Dark Star actually is at the moment.

What I'm getting at is, it would make much more sense to me if the Dragon appeared on this line.

(Because it has cleared the Face and is tangent)

Alas, it does not.

If I wanted to force the Dragon into this scenario, I might try to assert that this part of Hoagland's experiment is analogous to the butterfly.

While this part of Hoagland's experiment is analogous to the Dragon.

I suspect that would be wrong, though.

I am left with the line of thinking that the entire event (used as an analogy) is represented by this single reflection of the Butterfly.

And if that is the case, we need to find the dark star implied by the Fort and pay close attention to it's position in the sky relative to Earth and the galactic center.

It is likely that alignment will be far more powerful than the one about to occur on December 21, 2012.

The good news is... in this train of thought... if the distance between these two lines represents 14 years...

... then (theoretically) we still have a fair amount of time before the Dragon rears his foreboding head.

Now, I must submit that I have recently been reminded by a very perceptive fellow named Alexander (who is a member of this 2012 forum), that in far eastern traditions the Dragon does not solely imply death and destruction.

Alexander articulates it best himself:

"... dragons have two sides to them as well. While we westerners like to think of them as monsters the people in the east see them as wise beings that could destroy you if angered but might also help just like most things in life. Don't forget that the circle of life is symbolized by the serpent eating it's tail and that two serpents in a spiral symbolize our very DNA."

I find that bit of perspective to be very reassuring because it implies our fate is not sealed.

In fact, if I'm correct, and this is the case...

... then perhaps we will manage to transform ourselves as a species and emerge fully focused and transformed by the 2012 winter solstice.

We may ultimately discover that all the trials, tribulations, and growing pains we have been experiencing of late...

... the nearly palpable sensation of change that we have all been noticing...

... along with all the obvious physical changes that are manifest throughout our solar system...

... are all perfectly expressed through this one incredibly symbolic reflection...


... because we are the Butterfly and we are about to emerge from our cocoon.

Ostensibly, all this indicates that our biological and psychological systems are also inexorably linked to the geometry of all the fused spinning systems that make up our universe from the micro to the macro.

Hopefully we will emerge with a greater awareness of the universe around and within us and in plenty of time to heed the warning imposed by the Dragon.

All that said...

Since we not only know this specific celestial alignment is going to occur, but also when...

... coupled with Hoagland's experiment, the traditional symbolism that surrounds this event, and the geometric symbolism of Cydonia...

... we may now have a starting point, a primer, to set Cydonia in motion.

I think there's a good possibility that we are looking at a snap shot of our solar system at a specific date and time... December 21, 2012, @ 11:11 am GMT.

I still believe Cydonia is a giant clock or calendar that belongs in motion with a specific sequence.

The good news is, I have begun to prove this theory by discovering the exact sequencing for the reflections found on the Face.

But before I reveal that sequence, it is important to see and learn how I stumbled on to it.

(However, if you must, you can skip right to it)

(end of update)


I want to talk a little bit about the symbolism embodied by the D&M Pyramid and some of the other major monuments as well.

And I want to begin talking about this embodied symbolism as it relates to traditional Egyptian mythology.

Specifically the four major players or characters featured in Egyptian mythology, Osiris, Isis, Horus, and Set.

As I've just demonstrated, the D&M Pyramid is a Dragon.

As I detail in Stubborn Assumptions, the D&M Pyramid is also a transformational Butterfly.

But it is so much more.

The D&M is also a Bull...

... who opens up into a blossoming Rose...

What we see is the following...

1) The Butterfly: A transformational, redemptive symbol that points through The Face.

2) The Blossoming Rose: A symbol of vegetation, rebirth and renewal of life.

3) The Bull: A hugely masculine symbol.

4) The Dragon: A symbol of destruction and death.

All of these symbols are indicative of one God and one God only...


But there's more...

As many of us have learned through reading Dan Brown's DaVinci Code, this symbol quite simply represents a phallus.

Remembering that information and then interpreting the symbolism, I came to realize the D&M's pointed platform is a phallus which points towards the Fort.

 According to the implied and precisely applied geometry however, this line misses not only the Fort, it misses everything completely. 

So here's where a little bit of knowledge about the story of Osiris and Isis begins to help.

While at the height of his power Osiris weds his sister, Isis.

Jealously unfortunately, over Osiris' power creeps in and the married couple's brother, Set, kills Osiris before they can conceive a child.

This is why I believe the phallus misses everything completely.

As the story goes, Set not only destroys Osiris, he dismembers, scatters, and hides Osiris' body parts so that no one might resurrect him.

Notice what sits directly below the D&M...

A smaller glyph, which when reflected, also reveals a Bull.

This smaller glyph is a piece of the dismembered Osiris.

As the story continues, Isis is distraught and becomes determined to find Osiris' body parts so that she might restore him.

Eventually, she does manage to find a few pieces of Osiris.

Among the pieces found is Osiris' penis.


Which she then uses to impregnate herself.


The incredibly large and creative Platform just next to the D&M clearly represents...


Note the obvious image of a vulva, stretched out arms, and a demure... perhaps even sad... face embedded within her  (upside down) heart shaped head.

Obviously, the vulva is a symbol of the feminine.

Perhaps a little less known fact is that the heart is a symbol commonly associated with Isis.

And it's a symbol which appears redundantly on the Platform.

Because Isis is the...





Now, as I stated in Truth & Light, within the context of Egyptian mythology, given that The Face doesn't just mean something, it means everything, it is the Way, the Truth, and the Light...

The Face represents Horus.

Careful examination of this dazzling sphinx reveals many of the symbols commonly associated with Horus.

Note the human torso.... Horus the Man.

Note the bird's face collared around his neck.

Note the subtle yet beautifully winged arms.

These winged arms really jump off the page on Keith Laney's false color infrared images and are clear references to... Horus the Falcon.


This reference to a Falcon shows up again on this major glyph.

Horus appears, primarily this time, as a Falcon and he is firmly connected to his mother, Isis, The Heart.


On the flip side of that same glyph, Horus the Falcon appears again, only this time he's firmly connected to another scattered piece of his dismembered father, Osiris, The Bull.


Through the millennia,  by extension,  Horus has morphed or fused into many other central figures like Jesus.

Hence one sees a lion's hind legs and a distinct lion's face... Jesus the Lion.

So... should it come as a surprise that positioned directly next to his mother (the Platform, Isis), one finds a remarkable reflection of... 

Jesus the Lamb?



Or should it come as a surprise that Horus, who eventually does battle with Set and rises to become the most significant of the Egyptian Gods would be represented as the most central, sizeable, and prominent face in Cydonia?

Just read what's there.

Horus is the main face rising above his father Osiris, the Rose, while still under the shadows of his evil uncle/brother Set and his mother Isis, the Heart.


As legend has it, Horus continually does battle with Set.

Hence the etymology of Sunrise and Sunset: (Son) rise and Sun (Set).

Unlike his father Osiris however, Horus occasionally manages to triumph over Set and is able to emerge and realize his full and true potential.


Put in motion, Horus' triumphant transformation and the blossoming Rose looks like this.


The same reading can be done with this image.


As well, one can also read this image.



I can understand one might ask why I believe this seemingly indecipherable image represents Set.

Simple really.

First of all, it just strikes me as wicked.

Second of all, that reflection is a part of a very large and readily decipherable glyph...

... when read in context.

Which deserves some more explanation.

But in order to explain, I'll first need to address The Fort.


Since I wrote Truth & Light, I've been pushing the idea that The Fort appears to be a very feminine face in profile staring intently at The Face.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize how truly subjective my opinion of femininity really is.

One could just as easily argue it's a masculine face.


The more I think and talk about it and the more evidence I accumulate, the more I find myself proving and accepting the Fort is actually Set.

Here's why...

Set was known to be very mysterious.

Set was so mysterious, in fact,  to this day nobody is really quite sure which animal represents him.

Typically represented by this image...

... speculation about the identity of this animal's head varies from aardvark, to donkey, to jackal.

So far, so good... The Fort is also very well hidden and mysterious.

We also know that like Isis, Set was known for being extremely creative.

The distinction of being deceptive, though, belongs to Set. 

And deceptively creative, the Fort is.


Not to mention dark and wicked...

And doubly destructive... especially and specifically to Osiris.


Dark and destructive are traits commonly associated with Set.

The deeper I dig, the more convinced I become the Fort is Set.

SO... given ALL the traits associated with Set... creative, deceptive, mysterious, dark, evil/wicked, destructive...

It seems rather obvious who this guy really is.

Because, just like the destructive work he performs through the Fort, Set also works through this major glyph...

... to bring another wicked looking Dragon symbolic of the destruction he is capable of bringing.

While Set was all of these terrible things I've just laid out, he was also fiercely loyal.

He respected, honored, and protected the oldest... most revered... God of them all...


The primary reason Osiris, Horus, and Set were even battling for supremacy  was because Ra had simply become too old to rule the Earth himself, first hand.

He chose to delegate his power and oversee from the heavens.

His first choice to succeed him was Osiris.

Even after Set killed Osiris there was apparently some deliberation over who Ra would pick to be his successor.

Ra eventually chooses Horus over Set to be his heir.

As legend has it, while presiding in the heavens, Ra would face a deadly trial in the form of an evil and watery serpent named Apep every night during his journey through the underworld.

On this journey, in spite of being overlooked as Ra's heir, Set always jumped into action and came to the aid of his elderly King.

It is said, Set would take on the appearance of Horus' Falcon and do battle with Apep to see Ra safely through his nightly dangers.


As soon as I read this legend, which is corroborated on multiple websites, I knew instantly which reflection tells the story.

The image is really tall, so to fit it on the screen at once, I cut it in half and placed the two halves side by side.

The full and very tall animated image can be downloaded here.



To summarize and illustrate which monuments I've assigned to which Egyptian God so far:

Granted, what I've presented here is a very simplistic reading and basic interpretation.

Considering my level of 'expertise' on the subject of Egyptian mythology (amateur at best), at least it's a start.

I'm perfectly aware there is so much more, so...

I'll keep digging until the Professor finally bails me out or until I reach the bottom.

Which ever comes first. :-)

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