Humble Pie

(Posted 03/27/10)

(05/01/10 update)

(04/28/10 update)


"Just when you think you have all the answers, they change all the questions."


Sometime in January of this year, I decided to 'spruce up' my main web page.

The cover image for the revised edition of Truth & Light became this:

How I created this image was simple.

I took MRO/Hi-Rise's image, rotated it properly, reduced the brightness by 60%, and fiddled with the contrast.

Subsequently, every time I went to my main page I was confronted with a very inconvenient fact.

The white line, which is supposed to represent Mars' axial tilt (25.2 degrees in round numbers) and CONFORM to the now enhanced shadow line...

Does not conform at all.

It took me nearly 3 months to finally own up to it and begin swallowing what was rightfully mine...

A HUGE piece of humble pie.

Talk about stubborn assumptions... wow.


Recall the so-called 'proof' I provided in Truth & Light.


I then cropped The Face out all three images and posted them claiming that this third image (far right) conformed to the shadow.

Given my pre-conceived idea as to where Mars' True North should be, utilizing this data as-is, it isn't surprising I made such a critical mistake.

I still can't make the argument that the gray area, which is visible on the left side of the line, (highlighted in yellow) does not conform to the green 25.2 line.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

However... had I thought to actually enhance the shadow line by reducing the brightness by 60%, I might have noticed what was obvious on my Truth & Light cover image.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

So... let's try this again, shall we?

And this time, let's reduce the brightness on the images by 60%.


NOW, let's have a look and see which image is oriented with Mars' True North up.

From right to left:

(If these images aren't moving, refresh the page)

(Image rotated -8.15 degrees)

(Image rotated 2.35 degrees)

(Control image, as-is, no rotation)

Uh-oh... It's starting to look like I owe a certain space agency and a couple of NASA teams a pretty big apology.

Namely, the THEMIS team, ESA, and the MRO/Hi-Rise team.

But before I apologize, I think it would be wise to confirm this major revelation on much bigger and better data.

The Hi-Rise team claims that their image is map-projected, True North up.

So, let's perform the same test on their data.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

Here are the three still images from the end of the above test sequence.


I see no way of getting around this huge piece of humble pie.

So... my deepest apologies to all.

But most of all to the following people.

THEMIS... I was wrong and I'm sorry. Your images are precisely rotated with Mars' True North up.

Hi-Rise... I was wrong and I'm sorry. Your images ARE presented exactly as you stated with Mars' True North up.

Dr. Neukum of ESA, I was wrong and I'm sorry. Your images ARE notated correctly.


Ok... so the hard part is out of the way, which is to say, I've finally been able to admit I was wrong.

But now I'm left with some very complicated geometry to interpret.

Recall in my revised edition of Truth & Light I concluded the following:

"In conclusion, I'm satisfied at this point that I've proven my original thesis statement which was:

Accuracy and precision are hallmarks of intelligent design.

We should expect them from the Cydonia complex.

Based on this assumption, I set out to prove Cydonia is in fact artificial."

This hasn't changed.

Cydonia's geometry relates to Mars' True North even more precisely than before, via tetrahedral code.



Off the bat, one of the first things I noticed was this new True North line (shown here in black) corresponds perfectly to the duly noted "Flattened Buttress" of the D&M pyramid.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

This was an encouraging start.

However, as I started to ingest my humble pie, the hardest thing to digest was the realization that Truth, (True North) all of a sudden, no longer runs through the Face on Mars.


Regardless, my next move was to apply this new geometry to The Face's circle.



So what happens if I do the reflections along this new True North line?

Both sphinxes, Horus and Set, are present.

Since the issue of truth no longer running through the Face was on my mind the next thing I did was slide my new True North line over to the Face's sight...

... and check the reflections.

Unfortunately... nothing interesting on the first reflection.

But then, on the flip side of that...

... another Heart of Isis began to come into focus.

That's when it hit me.

While I was uncovering the story of Horus/Set/Isis/Osiris I couldn't help but notice (even though no one else seemed to) that one crucial piece of the story was missing.

At no point did I uncover any imagery that illustrates Isis actually hiding Horus on his island (The Face).

Occasionally, I would go into my geometry files and look for this crucial piece of missing information, but as hard as I tried, I could find nothing.

So I measured  to see how and where this Heart might come into full focus.

This is what I found...


... Another perfect Heart of Isis at precisely 19.5 degrees.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

Immediately, I went to my large map suspecting that Isis' platform would somehow come into play.

I had a hunch I had finally discovered how she hides Horus on his 'island'.


This 19.5 line yields TWO Hearts of Isis on one side...

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)


And her face on the other.


Which leaves me convinced that I've finally discovered how Isis manages to hide Horus on his remote island where he trains to be the warrior and king he is about to become.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)


(04/28/10 update)

(Clickable images lead to full resolution versions)

But of course... there's more.

As I started to apply and explore this new and True North line, I quickly realized things were about to get really interesting.

The following single yet elegant geometric checkpoint, which I've been posting since early on in my research, was about to explode into many.

As I started to put together my recently published Geometry of Cydonia poster...

... the first of many more checkpoints immediately appeared.

The northern latitude line, 40.893 or e' (e prime), when placed against the Flattened Buttress, passes straight through the northwest corner of the D&M.

Next, two more significant checkpoints immediately revealed themselves.

In case any of you have forgotten, that blue line is measured off of what I call 'their pyramid' and is incredibly significant because it reveals the Crown of Osiris and the Ship of the Gods.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

While these three new checkpoints excited me, my thinking was more tuned into the relationship I discovered between the D&M's western buttress (which I will refer to as "Hoagland's north" for the rest of this update),

and the D&M's major axis of symmetry (which I will refer to as "my north" for the rest of this update), shown above in yellow.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

I quickly learned that the discrepancy between 39 degrees off "my north" and 33.3 off True North is exactly 2.45 degrees.

That's only .1 degrees (one tenth!) away from 2.35 (half of 4.7) from being another perfect match like the ones shown in the above animated image.

It's hit or miss with this kind of precision, though.

Close does not count.

So while I digested what this could potentially mean, I began to think about everything I've learned to date and a couple of minor discrepancies that have been privately nagging at me.

The first nag involves The Face's platform.

During Stubborn Assumptions, I managed to convince myself that the longer sides of the platform are aligned to 39 degrees off "my north".

What was nagging at me was that I had proven MRO's image was not geometrically tampered with.

 Knowing that, as good as a 39 degree line looks on THEMIS data (above), on the MRO image, it was still slightly off.

So I started to think back to what Carlotto had published in his book The Martian Enigmas.

Could it be possible that Carlotto was right after all?!

I thought it would be prudent to at least check.

This is what I found.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

Carlotto WAS right!

Here are the reflections off Carlotto's 33.3 measured from Mars' True North.

So the next question on my mind was, "am I still right to assert that The Face hangs on a cross"?

First of all, the fact remains that the only way to accurately orient The Face when it stands alone is through the "crescent tool and tip of the Lion's ear".

But what makes dropping in a vertical line off this line more 'right' than the other?

The answer is in the reflections.

Let's simply compare.

Carlotto's 33.3 off True North (below left) versus 39 degrees off "my north" (below right).


The giveaway lies with Ra's Lotus Flower.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

Clearly, the flower opens up into full bloom along the 39 degree line.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

Thus, my assertion is safe and the stunning iconographic symbolism of the cross remains.

So that answered my first nagging discrepancy and left a critical long standing assertion of mine in tact.

(05/01/10 update)

Since Carlotto was right about 33.3, I went back to his book to refresh my memory on what he had to say about dating Cydonia.

On page 166, Carlotto writes, "the Sun currently rises at a point 34.2 degrees north of east on the first day of summer.".

So... I decided to plug in the numbers to see how this might fit.

If one couples Hoagland's solstice and dating scenario...

... to Mars' current summer solstice by placing that line on the apex of 'their' pyramid...

... one is lead to an entirely new yet equally symbolic scenario.

If one stands in the south west corner of the City Square (lower arrow), precisely at the intersection of three very meaningful lines, one can witness the Sun rising over the apex of 'their' pyramid in today's day and age.

This strikes me as a very deliberate scenario designed such that we can pay homage to our 'creators' when we finally arrive.

My thoughts on what this implies as far as dating Cydonia go something like this:

I see two possibilities...

1) Cydonia is a recently constructed complex with all these older solstice alignments in place to conveniently relay the history of the builders.

Which also means the 'Blockies' might be a thriving underground complex or city.



2) Cydonia was designed some time in our ancient past with the foresight that it would be rediscovered in today's day and age.

Frankly... I'm leaning towards the latter and I'm left with three significant solstice scenarios to interpret.

1) Hoagland's 500,000 year old solstice alignment

2) Carlotto's 33,000 - 120,000 year old solstice alignment

3) My current solstice alignment.

Like I said in Truth & Light, I don't have the software that would allow me to verify Hoagland's or Carlotto's scenarios.

So for now...

(end of 05/01/10 update)


The second nagging concern I had was this amazing sphinx found on the Fort.

As soon as I realized that Carlotto was right about The Face with respect to 33.3, I immediately began to apply this geometry to the Fort.

Here comes the explosion.

First, two more precise checkpoints.

33.3 off True North applied to the Fort's site runs tangent to the tip of the D&M and out through another precise intersection of meaningful lines.

Next, if one slides that same 33.3 line over to where I know the Fort's tiny circle to be...

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

... I get another meaningful checkpoint.

Then I re-applied a 33.3 line off Hoagland's north to see if any new checkpoints were revealed utilizing my new found geometry.

I wasn't disappointed.

Two more checkpoints.

Furthermore, adding in Carlotto's model of the D&M reveals the following 19.5 measurement which had somehow eluded me until now.

As well as two more checkpoints.

Now... don't worry, I'm keeping track.

That adds up to 11 ultra-precise checkpoints.

This is what I meant about that first checkpoint exploding.

Upon realizing the complexity of what I'd uncovered, I began to feel truly amazed along with a profound sense of humility.

But so what, right?

What does it all mean?

Insofar as the physics model is concerned, I don't know...  yet.

All I can say at the moment is 33.3 definitely connects and appears to bring it all together.

Symbolically speaking, I think I've got it.

In Stubborn Assumptions, I avoided posting this reflection on THEMIS data for one very important reason.

It just didn't seem to match.

I was not surprised to find a much closer match when I applied Carlotto's 33.3 off True North.

Here's a side by side comparison.

Only one logical conclusion can be drawn from this.

Dr. Michael Malin falsified THIS data too.

But at this point... who cares.

I figured out what he was desperately trying to hide despite his despicable efforts.

I now know all about the Battle of The Face on Mars, hence I know that Set has testicles which are represented by a site on The Face.

Even though the Fort is contended for by both Set and Isis, this sphinx also has testicles and could never be confused for Isis.

Both sphinxes represent Set.

So it is not surprising that he reveals himself and his intentions the moment Osiris points his phallus towards the Fort with the hope of impregnating Isis.

Set reveals his ambition to be King through this powerful reflection.

This magnificent sphinx serves as an effective block against the copulation of Osiris and Isis which would produce a legitimate heir to Osiris' throne.

Unfortunately for Set, Isis is not without power and cunning of her own.

Look what looms over the head of Set.

Another MASSIVE and perfectly shaped Heart of Isis smack dab in the middle of it all.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

And just in case anyone tries to make the argument that this massive heart is a by-product of the method used to create this mosaic...

The heart is still there on seamless, geometrically verifiable, data.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

Which is quite the prize and leaves me really wanting to revise my entire website.

Until I do, that's where I am insofar as understanding how Mars' True North ties into the story line and geometry of Cydonia.

(end of update)


But, like I said a few lines back, where my understanding is lacking is what this means to the physics model.

I suspect what I'm dealing with here is a diagramed relationship between True North and Magnetic north.

Or, perhaps this somehow illustrates the elusive connection between electromagnetism and gravity.

While I grapple with this idea and do more research in an effort to understand, there are some more measurements, which may prove relevant to my theory.

 They come into play utilizing the geometry I've come to learn thus far including this new north line and Mars' current axial tilt of 25.2 degrees.


Noted a long time ago by myself and many others is this unique configuration of one mound with several lines emanating from it on the Lion's forehead.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

With this new True North line, I really started to pay attention to the alignments.

First thing I noted was that my old True North line, when rotated 25.2 degrees according to Mars' axial tilt, passes straight through this single mound.

(Click on each image for full size image)


Then I started measuring some more but I could find nothing meaningful.

That is until I turned to my new True North line.

Suddenly, things started to fall into place.

I'm not going to pretend I know what the following means.

I'm simply going to post what I've measured and say that I believe it is significant.

Then the other 'notches' in the bent section of that line are passed through and the end of the straight line is demarcated as follows.

Unless one takes the time to verify what I've just shown, I can't imagine this would make much sense to anyone.

To me though, the relationship measured here between this new found True North and my old True North seems too important to be ignored.

The sights and markers I've discovered throughout Cydonia have proven to be extremely significant.

I can't imagine these are any less so.

Furthermore, I can't help but realize I now have a trinity of incredibly meaningful lines.

Another reinforcement of what I already know to be true.

Needless to say, even as I'm still eating this humble pie, I'm unafraid and hungry for more.

All of a sudden, there's plenty to do.

I can't wait to see what more there is to know and learn.


Incidentally, as I wrote this... today, March 27, would have been my father's 74th birthday.

I've a good feeling I know what he was wishing for.

Happy Birthday, Tata...


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