Stubborn Assumptions 

(Posted by Max "the Knife" Kiejzik, 05/28/2009)

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At this very moment, I'm sure my father is looking down on me and laughing hysterically

I'm sure it is the kind of hysterical laugh one might release when a lifetime's worth of pent up frustration has suddenly and unexpectedly been relieved.

You see, during the course of his time on this Earth, my father, Paul, fancied himself a teacher. Even though, like Richard C. Hoagland, he carried no 'official' title as such.

Paul fancied himself a teacher, because also like Hoagland, he was exceptionally good at it. As many people who came to know Paul easily and often acknowledged.

For me, Paul's penchant for teaching was never more pronounced than it was during our last decade together. Taking the reigns of his incredibly technical manufacturing and machine shop facility was no easy task. 

Especially for someone like me who has no 'formal' technical education save a lifetime of learning from Paul as he built his business from nothing.

Paul had an uncanny way of making me unafraid of the unknown. I always associated his methods with those of a swim instructor who simply threw his student into the deep end of the pool on the very first day.

Sure, he would explain the 'how to' well enough to be sure... but make no mistake... if Paul was teaching matter how terrified you felt, you WERE getting in that water on your own and you WOULD feel the terrifying pressure, first hand, of "sink or swim".

If one was lucky enough to get to know Paul half as well as I did, the fear of diving into the unknown soon diminished as one learned he had an unbelievable knack for timing. He intuitively  knew the precise moment his student was about to go unconscious and he would gently pull him out of the depths, lovingly towel him off and with a smile simply ask, "What went wrong?".

He wouldn't TELL you what you did wrong. Notice the question, "What went wrong?". 

 In other words, he didn't want to tell his student what he was doing wrong, rather... "Figure it out for yourself". 

Because, truth is truth. 

Inherently, truth is something which must be discoverable by each of us on our own. Be it a literal physical truth or a deeply personal philosophical truth.

That is the major difference between a truth and a belief.

If it is indeed a truth, one MUST be able to discover and learn it on his own. The result MUST be independently verifiable and universal. 

This is the nature of truth.

The same certainly cannot be said for any belief.

That said, Paul managed to help me discover for myself perhaps one of the most fundamental truths of them all...

 So long as I am not afraid to fail, I should never be afraid to try. For such a person, indeed,  truth can never be hidden.

With that philosophy learned and ingrained on my soul, believe me, the failures certainly roll in, but like the physical effects explicitly implied by  the Geometry of Cydonia,  I certainly... demonstrably... get more out of the system than I put in.


Case in point...

On slide # 51 of my presentation I begin to describe exactly how I discovered the hidden images embedded on the Face.

Beginning with this image:

 I state, "Well. this time around facing the same problem I knew more than I did before. For one thing, I knew the Face was framed by 33.3 in all four directions. Just like Carlotto had suggested."

I then proceed to offer the following images, complete with  measurements, as confirmation of what I claim to already know:

So? What's the problem one might ask?

Simple, really... "Stubborn assumptions".

“Euclid taught me that without assumptions there is no proof. Therefore, in any argument, examine the assumptions.” ~ E.T. Bell

For as long as I can remember, ever since I first read Carlotto's book "The Martian Enigmas",

I believed, simply because Carlotto said so, the Face is aligned, somehow, 33.3 degrees off n/s/e/w.

I just LIKED it.

Even though Hoagland, who I deeply respect and recognize as my surrogate teacher, disputed Carlotto's claim in Monuments with this 22.5 measurement and illustration...

... my belief was strongly reinforced by an image I that carries a claim of 'orthographically rectified'.

This claim is moot however, and the image is scientifically useless because, as you will soon see, the data used to create it was falsified.

It turns out the Devil has a name and it is... Mike Malin.

Allow me to explain...

The ONLY serious confirmation I had which reinforced my efforts carried out on this mosaic...

(Click on each for larger view)

... was given by scanning another image from Hoagland's book, Monuments, which also carries the label, 'orthographically rectified'.


Comparing and contrasting to work done on this mosaic...

I am still MORE than satisfied I am on the right track using Gary's mosaic. Especially considering some the precision 'bulls eyes' I have discovered.

Bulls eyes like this...

... or this...

... or my personal favorite...

I can go on and on, but the point I'm trying to make is this.

Despite all these PRECISION, BULLS EYE, alignments, I allowed my biased belief of Carlotto's 33.3 alignment to cloud my better judgment.

In other words... I cheated.

Look closely.

As I state in my presentation, aside from parallax, resolution is also an issue concerning verification of some of the finer points of the Geometry at Cydonia.

Especially when one considers simply the width of any given line relative to the data I'm applying it to. 

Regardless of the fact I'm working with a measuring tolerance of .001 (one thousandth) of a degree, putting any 1 pixel wide line, no matter how accurate it is relative to the next, on top of poorly resolved data is an issue. 

An issue, I will now demonstrate, is not nearly as constrained by Gary's mosaic as I allowed myself to believe.

In the above crop, I packed six fat (relative to the data) lines onto this image to hide a discrepancy that my mind kept erroneously chalking up to resolution based on a biased  belief rather than truth.

Recall when it stands alone, there is only ONE way to accurately orient the Face. There is only ONE straight line provided by TWO very specific and pointed sites.

Now, let's take a closer look at the geometry as applied to Gary's mosaic and take extra special care to notice exactly where the lines fall.

Careful examination of Gary's mosaic reveals the mound I've come to refer to as the "Crescent tool".

It's certainly faint on this data set, but it's there.

Remember what I said about resolution.

In this case, the width of the line is slightly BIGGER than the Crescent tool which reveals itself clearly in much higher resolution data.

So in this next image, I simply take two 33.3 lines and place them EXACTLY on top the tool.

Carefully observe.

Does the line point straight through the TIP of the Lion's ear?

Does the other line correspond PRECISELY to edge of the Face's western platform?

The answer to both questions is a resounding 'NO'.

 It's 'close', but the discrepancies presented above do not match the following two images.

(This section edited 01/17/2010)

One is purported to be 'orthographically rectified' and derived from an image acquired virtually 90 degrees overhead.

The ancillary data that should go hand in hand with that image should theoretically be valid and scientifically useful.

(If this image isn't moving, refresh the page)

From a perspective of resolution, the margin of error is clearly greater than the width of the line which renders a significant problem... now that I've bothered to acknowledge it.

This simple acknowledgment of discrepancy allowed me to concede a key point raised on a web page  page written by Mike Bara. 

I still think the way he goes about illustrating his point is weak compared to my methods which are vastly more accurate and precise.

Regardless of which way is 'better', on this web page, he presents this comparison:

Along with this image Bara writes, "... the improper orthographic rectification of the Mars Global Surveyor images contributed substantially to this distortion and the overall illusion of asymmetry. In fact, the Malin ortho-rectification is so bad that it widens the base, twists the nose and pulls the Cliff side eye socket significantly below that on the City side. We can see with a side-by-side comparison just how far off the Malin version is."

When I first saw this, I dismissed it out of hand and said to myself, "Of course the Lion's eye doesn't match up with the Human's eye! You didn't use 'that one straight line' to orient either Face  properly!"

Frankly, I couldn't believe or understand for the life of me why Bara would be questioning Orthographic data.

If we're going to start questioning the validity of 'ortho' data now, we might as well call the whole thing off, because anyone can say the 'ortho' image I scanned from Hoagland's book is fudged too.

Thankfully, as I am about to explain this will never, COULD never, be the case.

During a recent discussion in Keith Laney's Hidden Mission Forum, I came up against Bara's image and illustrated assumption once again.

A fellow by the name of Clay, a.k.a., EA, and formerly known as Electric Ashalar,  began arguing about the data I chose to work with. Not only was he questioning the accuracy of Gary's mosaic, which even before yesterday's sudden 'orthographic' revelation is measurably beyond reproach, Clay began questioning me about utilizing  Malin's 'ortho' data as well.

I soon became irritated enough that I was determined to shoot down his own many "stubborn assumptions".

So I proceeded to correct Bara's comparison with this...

... followed by this ...

Regardless of my effort which produced what I deemed to be an effective demonstration, Clay remained unimpressed. Not only was he unimpressed... he began chiding me heavily.

 I suddenly began to feel the need to completely clobber Clay's "stubborn assumptions".  

I quickly  realized, though, in order to do so,  I would need to turn to my map.  

At that moment I KNEW I was in trouble because there was no way I could post this image and say, 

"See? Through the TIP of the Lion's ear."

My cheating finally caught up to me.

It was suddenly crystal clear I had made a HUGE mistake.

And my cheating wasn't nearly the half of it.

During the course of my presentation, I pick on Malin and single him out. But truthfully, at the time, the only thing I knew he was guilty of was disorienting his images off True North.

It upset me to be sure, but it's not really  too big a deal when one considers virtually all available public Cydonia data are missing a notated True North line (save one ESA image) and  ALL are disoriented via precise... 

 Tetrahedral Geometric Code. 

In fact, as I clearly state and illustrate during my presentation, they had to present their data this way lest the message of Cydonia go undelivered.

That said, consider the major ethical and moral descent from the missing North issue down to a man going out of his way to publish FALSIFIED data. 

Remember and consider there is a proven scientific method for achieving 'ortho' data which Dr. Carlotto illustrates and describes neatly here (See appendix B).

As one can clearly see there is an unambiguous scientific FORMULA specifically derived to be performed without bias or predisposition. 

Be that as it may, Malin went out of his way to publish FALSIFIED "scientific" data rendering any attempt to orthographically rectify said image moot.

This is how I see it...

Now that I know exactly what the Face means, i.e., it doesn't just mean something, it means everything... It is, "the Way, the Truth and the Light",  it has become painfully clear to me who and what  Malin represents.

The sheer act of  FRAUD he committed by publishing his FALSIFIED data, was not merely a slap in the collective face of  modern human civilization...

It was an obscene sacrilege worthy of Satan himself.

So you see, from my perspective... my "stubborn assumption" was indeed a mistake. Albeit an understandable mistake when I consider for nearly 4 long years I had unwittingly trusted... 

... the Devil. 


Where does this leave us?

For one thing, now that Malin is exposed he will be unable to do more harm.

And, now that I know how dirty, how filthy,  Malin truly is, I can begin to wash away his filth.

One advantage to being repeatedly thrown into the proverbial deep end of the pool one's entire life is... one develops the tendency to learn how to swim... fast.

Now that I'm aware of my "stubborn assumption" I can examine it objectively.

It didn't take me very long to realize...

19.47 x 2 = 38.94

Observe closely how neatly the problem resolves itself...

Does the green line go, "Straight through the TIP of the Lion's ear"?

Clearly it does. 

The second green line butts up neatly to the Face's platform as well.

So if this is true, if the Face is aligned to 19.5 off True North, are there any HIGH resolution data available with which one might be able to test and confirm this new assumption?

It so happens there is plenty of 'good' left in this world and the decency and  honesty of people like Keith Laney and those who represent Arizona State University have provided us with an ULTRA high resolution image of the Face.

For the following experiment, I decided to use Keith's enhancement (For his full size 19.5mb version,  right click here and 'save as') of the High-Rise team's MRO Face image.

Rest assured (or DON'T! This is all reproducible and verifiable!), the application of the geometry I'm about to show, works just as well on the ASU team's official release.

In order to clearly view, compare, and contrast all of the lines I've provided on this pallet, one will need to download it.

(Section updated 01/31/10)

I understand the above test might be a bit confusing to some.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to measure and prove Malin's image is falsified.

For the following test, I used Hi-Rise's original image instead of Keith Laney's enhanced version.

First, I simply resized and overlaid the two images.

Notice the base of the Face is nearly identical on both data sets while the middle is grossly distorted on one of them.

(If this image isn't moving refresh the page)

In order to determine which data set is distorted, I then cropped  the Face from my THEMIS geometry map, resized it appropriately, and compared the geometry.

(If this image isn't moving refresh the page)

Again, Malin's data fails miserably.

The good news is the Face still hangs on it's Cross.

(End of 01/31/10 update)

The only difference  is the cross is aligned precisely 19.47 x 2 degrees off True North rather than my earlier "stubborn assumption" of  33.3 off what I call "Cydonia North".

Symbolically speaking, everything I stated in my presentation still holds true. 

When it stands alone, the only way to accurately orient the Face is to begin with a straight line at the TIP of the Crescent tool and draw it out through the TIP of the Lion's ear.

The shadow cast by the Sun still remains 25.19 degrees off True North...

 ...hence, objectively speaking, the Face STILL doesn't just mean something, it means everything... it is, "the Way, the Truth and the Light".

What has changed significantly, is how the Face now CLEARLY begins to demonstrate the actual physical consequences of  "e/pi" vis-à-vis illustration of specific paths of energy inputs and outputs and their effects as they relate to any fused spinning system through the many objectively meaningful reflections.

Let's see if I can verbalize and illustrate what I am clearly visualizing in my head.

Recall the basic model proposed by Hoagland and Torun.

In a nutshell, they propose the Cydonia Geometric Relationship explicitly & redundantly refers to a tetrahedron inscribed within a rotating sphere.

 Illustrated simply by Hoagland here.

Over the years we have all heard Hoagland go on and on about the poles of the planets being the source of an 'in welling' of energy.

We have also heard Hoagland reiterate time and again that 19.5 degrees is the source of an 'out welling' of excess energy too.

In other words, Hoagland and Torun have somehow concluded, exclusively through interpreting the Geometric Relationship Model, energy input (in welling) via the North Pole of a spinning body will somehow magnify itself and emerge (up welling) at 19.5 degrees.

Thus, effectively breaking the crucial First law of Thermodynamics. Which the average person should know states: "Energy cannot be created or destroyed".

So, aside from simply observing the planets and physically seeing this output of excess energy manifesting at 19.5 degrees like it does with Jupiter's Red Spot, Mars' Olympus Mons, or Earth's own Hawaiian Calderas, the question remains.  

How were they able to DERIVE these specific conclusions and  make specific scientific predictions based solely on studying the Monuments of Cydonia?

Here it goes...

True North points through the Face via one very specific, very fused, dual pentagonal shape.

Along this dual pentagon's major axis of symmetry there is only ONE recognizable reflection to be found.

In perfect contrast to the rest of the... again... OBJECTIVE... symbolism dripping off the pages that are Cydonia, the D&M is also a...


Such an... appropriate... symbol for transformation found PRECISELY on THE True North line.

As you will soon see, this butterfly is REMARKABLY symbolic of the transformation about to occur to the energy being literally CARRIED to the Face on wings.

It suddenly becomes apparent the so-called "Collapsed Buttress",
  which is also EXTREMELY significant because of it's specific latitude sighting... (40.893 N. Lat.)

(To learn more about the significance of this number, read these scanned pages from The McDaniel Report.)



... begins to self-reinforce by demonstrating over and over again how it is precisely locked into the Geometric Relationship Model. 

Simply observe.

The 'Collapsed Buttress'...

...  is also REDUNDANTLY referred to by the Fort's precise geometry.

It is reinforcing to note the white 33.3 line is not significant merely because it goes STRAIGHT through the pointed 'ear' of the Butterfly.

That specific line also reveals how the 'ear' of the Butterfly  points directly to this STUNNING reflection found on the Fort.

Another Sphinx.

 But, before I digress, the point being made here is the "Collapsed Buttress" is... once again... OBJECTIVELY... simply and elegantly a 

Butterfly's head & face.

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

Now let's take a look at the flip side.

A reflection on the opposite side of that same True North line reveals...

... nothing objectively OBVIOUS.

Recall my presentation and my observation about the Face's True North reflections.

Again, the same thing happens on the Face that happened with the D&M.

As stated on slide # 121 of my presentation, the Face also reveals but a single objectively meaningful reflection...


... same two reflections done on Keith's image.


In other words, the D&M provides direction and flow of input by pointing directly to the Northern Pole while the occurrence of one reflection represents the value of the input.

From my past 4 years of experience dealing with Cydonia and all the hidden reflections, this seems to be ringing true across the entirety of Cydonia.

Here's where Hoagland's and Torun's prediction of excess energy becomes obvious.

When one turns DIRECTLY to the Tetrahedral latitude, 19.47, the precise line upon which the cross is sited and crucifies the Face, the input energy represented by a single reflection MULTIPLIES into THREE...

Which is again REINFORCED through this unmistakable OBJECTIVE SYMBOLISM created by the Cross...

A Trinity.

***(This section updated 08/02/09)***


Clearly... if I'm correct in assuming that each objectively meaningful reflection represents a single packet of energy, it is obvious more energy has been output by the Face at precisely 19.5 degrees from True North than was originally input. 

 Acknowledging this EXPLOSION of imagery, and utilizing my previous assumption, I can then turn to this major spinning yellow axis...

... dial back from 19.47 to 10.5 from True North and discover...

a slight problem.

Sure, these reflections are effective, but -10.5 off True North no longer passes straight through this highlighted corner.

The Face continues to be a lesson unto itself.

It's trying to say "PAY ATTENTION! Something CRITICAL is going on here!"

So once again, I'm forced to re-evaluate my stubborn assumptions.

 What I discovered was a NEW way... a BETTER way to reveal all the reflections in Cydonia.

Not only that, in the process of re-evaluating, I noticed a clear link between my 'old way' and the 'new way'.

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

It's as if the geometry is trying to relate there's a transfer or conversion of energy occurring on these two lines.

I'm not exactly sure what this means yet, but I find this link to be extremely interesting.

At any rate, look what happens when I apply this 'new way' to The Face.


The 'new way' brings these hidden Sphinxes into perfect focus.

One can now begin to understand how and why... 

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

... the Face is able to remain in perpetual motion

Somehow, the energy input through True North is reflected and converted along these two critical black lines.

Which reveal these four reflections.

The emission of this converted, now excess, energy is represented by this incredible... 

ONE EXTRA REFLECTION at 19.5 degrees.

All of these reflections on The Face represent the input, flow, conversion, and emission of energy which subsequently sustain the Face's rotation indefinitely.

There are also some serious symbolic ramifications to this geometry which I will address here.

***(End of update)***


Now onto... The Fort.

It is trying to tell us something PHYSICALLY & CRITICALLY  VITAL about what's 'out there'.

Let's talk a for a moment about angular momentum.

(Scanned from Dark Mission)

What little I know about celestial mechanics I've learned through  101 level college Astronomy courses, watching the Science channel and listening  to Richard Hoagland.

That said, it should suffice to say...

The first chart is the 'standard mainstream' model describing the angular momentum of our Solar System. (Click here for a short explanatory video)

What Hoagland illustrates in his lower Hyper Dimensional Model chart is that, again because of the readable Message at Cydonia, we can plot the angular momentum (spin) versus the SPECIFIC LUMINOSITY (reflections) of our Solar System, (both are known parameters) and clearly see the Sun is WAY out of whack for some reason.

In other words, the lower chart illustrates a deficiency in our Solar system's mass according to the STRICT parameters provided by the Message of Cydonia.

So, how did Hoagland and Torun... KNOW?

It's simple. Watch... :-)

The Face is "The Way, The Truth, and The Light".

Couple that with all the visual reflections and symbolic  imagery, i.e., lots of energy, and one can begin to see it represents something very energetic and  massive.

The Face represents our Sun.

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)


So, there must be a REASON the Fort is reflecting so WILDLY...

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)


... and gazing so intently at the Face...

(If the image below isn't flashing, refresh the page)


It's because she's trying to convey that she represents not just something  energetic and massive...

But also something with a very LONG ELLIPTICAL ORBIT around our Sun (the Face).

She gets her message across effectively utilizing  her LARGE circle which is offset from center....

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

...coupled with these two LONG RANGE reflections to indicate she represents a spinning mass with a very influential, long and eccentric orbit .

(The following 'color' images are derived from this THEMIS image)

 (click image or here for full context.)

The King


The Dragon

The Fort undoubtedly represents the long fabled... Planet X. 

The Fort is trying to tell us Planet X is REAL. 

Be it a large planet or a brown dwarf star (more likely from what little I've read) makes no difference.

 Something is there.

It is not unreasonable to begin scientifically predicting  a very specific orbital path given everything I have learned through studying Cydonia to date.

It makes sense to assume the large circle represents Planet X's eccentricity.

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

Compared to the Face's considerably, but not quite centered circle, representing the Sun's own minor, relative to the Fort's, eccentricity.

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)


Which in turn leads me to assume this small circle centered on the Fort represents Planet X itself.

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

Lending purpose and meaning as to WHY we find these very powerful reflections PRECISELY where we do.

Which then means this  in-between sized circle should represent the influence of another spinning mass.

It seems as though Planet X has a companion

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

This third circle also reveals some very provocative reflections of it's own.


My preliminary thoughts on how this might actually measure out goes something like this.

This first ellipse could logically be Planet X's orbit going around the Sun.

The 'cluttered' area between the King and the Dragon would represent Planet X's approach.

(Click here ~7mb)

In simplest terms, when Planet X is moving away from the Sun, towards it's apogee, i.e., OUT of harms way, we move towards and can see The King, a joyous reflection.

When Planet X begins moving towards the Sun, approaching perigee, i.e., INTO harms way, we begin to see these ominous reflections...

... which eventually climax with Planet X's arrival into the inner solar system. The arrival is then represented by the most ominous reflection of all... 

The 'Dragon'.

Next are my preliminary thoughts on how Planet X's companion may be orbiting it's host.

Notice the much shorter, much less elliptical orbital path.

Like I said from the beginning... I'm not afraid to try... so there it is. :-)


As of this writing, I'm still considering the significance of the two obvious reflected pentagons given in both reflections.

The fist one is attached to or part of the King.

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

The second is quite disconnected from the Dragon.

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

And there are MORE reflected pentagons scattered throughout Cydonia.

(If these two images aren't flashing, refresh the page)

The above are just to quickly demonstrate two. (check back later for additions)


I've heard Hoagland talk about something being out there, obviously, because I scanned that chart directly from his (and co-author M. Bara's) book Dark Mission.

As far as I can recall, though, he never explains how he knows.

Based on my own observations, I think it's safe to say, I know EXACTLY how he knows.

He knows because the Fort TOLD him...




I now understand how Hoagland and Torun were able to make their specific theoretical predictions based solely on the the Tetrahedral Geometric Relationship Model they discovered 20 years ago.

Cydonia is an ALL ENCOMPASSING lesson unto itself.

Anyone who bothers to try will reach, MUST reach, the same inescapable conclusions

From both a physical and spiritual perspective, Cydonia is ALL about... 

Truth and Light.


Ok, so this is where I am at the moment with my understanding of the 'mechanical workings' explicitly described by Cydonia.

I realize once again what I'm describing here is just the tip of the ice berg, but it makes so much MORE sense to me now than it did when I wrote my presentation over a year ago.

And it all makes sense because I finally discovered the TRUTH about who and what 'Dr' Mike Malin truly represents.

Intentionally withholding data, as he has become notorious for over the years, is one thing. 

Even if one considers he surreptitiously gained the rights to the data. Legally... no matter how he obtained the rights, he HAD them.

Optimistically speaking, I'm reminded of the name 'Jan Hendrick'.

Committing scientific fraud and getting CAUGHT... carries with it a HUGE price tag.

I've a really good feeling the Devil has just been destroyed.

The real consequences of all this, remain to be seen.

We'll just have to wait and see.


End note: For the record, since I've got my red marker out and I'm in a correcting kind of mood... 

In the McDaniel Report and other books describing the Geometric Relationship Model, the "Collapsed Buttress"  is actually referred to as the "FLATTENED BUTTRESS". 

An irrelevant point to the case, but perhaps one that contributed to Keith's confusion. In the interest of accuracy, however,.... now everyone knows.

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