Loose Ends

(A continuation of Cydonia's Universal Symbolism)

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***(Posted 08/09/09)***

***(08/14/09 update)***

***(08/19/09 update)***


There are a few glyphs on Gary's mosaic left to assign.

I have gone into detail about the conception of Horus...


... but I've yet to illustrate the actual birth.

Therefore, the first glyph on my agenda is this one.

Hidden within lies the part of the legend where Isis gives birth to her son and immediately hides him from her evil brother set.

She uses this glyph to hide and protect her newborn infant.

In the following reflection, Set is unaware Isis has given birth.

Set's ignorance permits Isis to sneak the newborn Hanuman/Horus...

... past her evil brother so that he may begin to develop and grow.

Here we see The Heart of Isis actually split open and give birth to Horus.

 At the same time we catch Isis in the act of immediately hiding her child from Set.


Now watch what happens as some time passes and Isis begins to recover.

Her brother Set's prying eyes look up towards the place where his sister has hidden her newborn son.


A cat and mouse game unfolds.

When Set is looking down, Horus comes out of hiding above him.

When Set is looking up, Horus comes out of hiding beneath him.


So now we know.

This glyph clearly belongs to Isis, The Heart of Cydonia.



The most obvious reflection reveals another pentagon or 'house'.


But whose house is it?

By now, we should be able to guess it belongs to Set, but let's see if we can't determine why.

It just so happens the lower part of this reflection passes through the City's Main Pyramid which I've already determined to be the House of Isis.

Upon high resolution data, this specific reflection clearly reveals more of the faces which make up the Army of Hanuman.




This army of faces is recruited through the same exact feature.


So, it seems as though Hanuman's army has started to attack the Evil Lord, Set.

But what else is there?

Similar to the two Birth of Horus scenes, we see Set, through this glyph, remove Osiris' head from the coffin and place it on a chopping block.

The funny thing is though, as soon as Set begins to split open the head of Osiris on the chopping block, the head which is still in the coffin comes into full focus indicating that no matter what Set does, the Spirit of Osiris will live forever.


(Link to 1st image. Link to 2nd image)

Every time Set tries to destroy Osiris, nothing good comes of it for Set.


(Link to 1st image. Link to 2nd image)

So, while searching for the meaning behind this glyph...

I have found the meaning of this one as well.

It is the Body of Osiris lying upon Set's chopping block.

Once again, Osiris is represented by a symbol of death.

He was The Dragon while he was alive.

So too Osiris is The Dragon in death.

And, once again, Set turns into nothing meaningful because Osiris will live on through his son...

Horus The Lion King.



***(08/14/09 Update)***

I almost forgot one of my favorite reflections. 

I've been dying to know what it means since I first discovered it back in 2005.


Now that I know who each glyph belongs to and I've become familiar with some of the ancient stories, it isn't so hard.

During the course of my recent research, I came across this legend about a confrontation between Set and Isis.

On this web page, the following story is given. 

When Set saw Isis there, he transformed himself into a bull to be able to pursue her, but she made herself unrecognizable by taking the form of a bitch with a knife on her tail. Then she began to run away from him and Set was unable to catch up with her. Then he ejaculated on the ground, and she said, 'It's disgusting to have ejaculated, you bull!' But his sperm grew in the desert and became the plants called bedded-kau." - Jumilhac Papyrus

This story is also told through the reflections of Cydonia.

Isis is commonly associated with Sirius, The Dog Star. 

Here Isis The Dog is seen visiting with her brother, Set, in the Fort.

 The story unfolds from there.



***(08/19/09 update)***

Seeing Isis as a Dog on The Fort has made me realize that it might not belong exclusively to Set.

Isis is there with him and there's evidence to support the idea.

First, on this True North reflection, we find Isis and Set together, side by side.

(This reflection was originally dubbed The Sleeping God and discovered by George Haas & William Saunders)


Once again, the evidence to support the claim that one reflection belongs to Isis and the other Set, comes with context.


On the flip side we see Set, The Temporary King, trying to move towards lasting supremacy, but once again falling short.

No matter which way he moves he is defeated.


(Click on the following for all 3 full resolution images: 01, 02, 03

So, I'm not surprised that I'm forced to modify my earlier assumption and say with confidence... 

The Fort belongs to both Isis and Set.

Here is the updated chart.

Check back for updates.

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