Posted 11/29/05


Continued from yesterday…. I found another face…. Or I should say, a face or symbol in every direction….





Image link.


Set up:



11/29/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


11/29/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


11/29/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)


Posted 11/28/05:





Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I’m leaning more towards Keith’s explanation for the features he recently added to his website. Nor do I think the second image of Io I posted looks very artificial either. Lol… in other words, my hands are starting to ache and I’d rather not do them unless somebody really wants to see them. ;-)


Anyway, I finished this image from my ‘11/23/05 early evening post’. I’m glad I did. 33.3 is spectacular!


Image link.


Set up:



11/28/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


11/28/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


11/28/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)





Posted 11/27/05 Evening:


Just as stunning as the last…


Image Link.


Set up:



11/27/05 Part 4 (N,S,E,W)


11/27/05 Part 5 (22.5 x 4)


11/27/05 Part 6 (33.3 x 4)


Posted 11/27/05:


This one took my breath away…


Image Link


Set up:



11/27/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


11/27/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4 )


11/27/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)


Posted 11/26/05 Early evening:


A special someone wanted  me to finish this one, so I did J


Image link.


Set up:



11/26/05 Part 4 (N,S,E,W, 22.5 x 4, 33.3 x 4)


Posted 11/26/05 Afternoon:


Well, it seems I’ve been thrown a curve ball. It was way past my bedtime when I saw Keith’s new stuff. One of the images titled “Bullseye” has a north arrow on it that isn’t aligned within the image boarders. The set up I showed last night was done just like every other image series I do that is independent of  Gary’s mosaic or NASA’s available FOM image. For the record, all the images I setup and mirror are done under the assumption that the image has already been aligned n/s/e/w allowing me to simply trace the image’s boarder to derive a north line. The rest is simple arithmetic and the magic of computers. J


Also, I realize that last image I set up last night is a mine somewhere in Utah. I’m not too sure what to think at the moment though.


That said, here’s more of the series I started last night. Look for the image & setup under 11/25/05 early evening post.


11/25/05 Part 6 (N,S,E,W)


11/26/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


11/26/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)



Posted 11/26/05 Morning:


The resolution on these images stinks so I won’t bother to mark them up, but I’ll bet that Mercury is artscaped too.


See for yourself…


Image link


Image link


Image link.


Image link.


Image link.


Image link.


Or how about Io? Every thing in this image is aligned n/s, e/w & 33.3. Where’s the alignment crater for this image I wonder.



Another excellent example from Io…


Image link.


Set up:




Posted 11/25/05 Late evening:


Now I’m not sure if someone is teasing me…. So much to do!!!  It’ll have to wait till tomorrow.


From Keith’s site…


Image link.





Image link.





Image link





Posted 11/25/05 early evening:


I learned something today! I can carry the ‘Tetrahedral Wheel’ as one whole unit! Wow, I didn’t realize.


 This is the correct set up for this image. I just wasn’t sure before, but I understand now… J 


I’ve got a card game in half an hour… Will get started right away. Worst case, I finish it tomorrow morning.


Image Link


Set up:



11/25/05 Part 6 (N,S,E,W)


11/26/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


11/26/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)


Posted 11/25/05:


More fantastic examples of planetary artscape on Venus…


Image Link





11/27/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


11/27/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


11/27/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)


Image Link.





11/25/05 Part 3 (N,S,E,W)


11/25/05 Part 4 (22.5 x 4)


11/25/05 Part 5 (33.3 x 4)


Image Link.





11/25/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W + 22.5 x 4 + 33.3 x4)


Image Link.





11/27/05 Part 4 (N,S,E,W)


11/27/05 Part 5 (22.5 x 4)


11/27/05 Part 6 (33.3 x 4)





Image link





11/25/05 Part 2 (N,S,E,W + 22.5 x 4 + 33.3 x 4)




Posted 11/24/05:


Wow, I’ve got way too much data! It took me about an hour to back up more than 16 gigs of data. I had to store more than 40 total!


The Venus image I’m working with is impossibly huge and slow. The jpeg I end up with to knock out the slide show is over 50 megs. The psd image I have to use to do the actual mirroring is over 400 megs which only covers 4 master images out of 20.


“Time goes by… so slowly” -Madonna


I think it will be impossible to finish the entire series before I fall asleep. I think I’ll manage the rest of 22.5 though.


Keep checking the previous post for updates!


Posted 11/23/05 (late evening):

Updated 11/24/05. Note: I’ve run out of disk space again! Tough problem to fix on Turkey Day… This will delay image production. I’ll see what I can do to at least get the one I’m working on finished before bed time. I posted a partial slide show of 22.5.


More from Venus…

And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus
Leave Levon far behind
Take a balloon and go sailing
While Levon, Levon slowly dies” –E.John


Link to image.




11/24/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)  Note: I used the crater on the upper right.


11/24/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 2)


11/24/05 Part 3 (22.5 x 2)


11/24/05 Part 4 (33.3 x 2)


11/24/05 Part 5 (33.3 x 2)


At least I’ll have something constructive to do tomorrow! J


Posted 11/23/05 (early evening):


Look what I happened to find on Venus…


Link to image





11/23/05 Part 4 (N,S,E,W)


11/23/05 Part 5 (22.5 x 4)


Posted 11/23/05 (late afternoon):


If you’re listening, Zen, something Calli posted over at SDC a while ago got me thinkin’… Could it be??? Why not?


Barrington Crater





11/23/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


11/23/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


11/23/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)


Posted 11/22/05:


Another ESA image





11/22/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


Posted 11/21/05:


Wow… There’s a new image up at the Mars Odyssey Mission Website! It’s getting late. I did N,S,E,W. I’ll finish this series tomorrow.


Here’s the setup:



11/21/05 Part 1 (N,S,E.W)


11/21/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


11/21/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)


Posted 11/20/05:


I’m not feeling very well today, but I started this image from ESA.




11/20/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


11/20/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


11/20/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)


Posted 11/19/05:


I’m back! J


I did some editing here… A word about my experience


I don’t think I’ve done the FOM itself yet on the big mosaic. I think I’ll take care of that today.





11/19/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


11/19/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 2)


11/19/05 Part 3 (22.5 x 2)


11/19/05 Part 4 (33.3 x 2)


11/19/05 Part 5 (33.3 x 2)


Posted 11/12/05:


I had an hour to kill before my plane leaves… I don’t have time to do the mirrors, but can’t ya see it already??? J




Here’s what I think the set up should be. It’s hard to tell with these big craters.



Posted 11/11/05:


One more series before I leave for my annual golf vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC!



11/11/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


11/11/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 2)


11/11/05 Part 3 (22.5 x 2)


11/11/05 Part 4 (33.3 x 2)


11/11/05 Part 5 (33.3 x 2)


Posted: 11/10/05:


Yeah, baby…. I’m back J J J


Same set up as yesterday, but I’m keeping the date.


11/09/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


11/09/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 2)


11/09/05 Part 3 (22.5 x 2)


11/09/05 Part 4 (33.3 x 2)


11/09/05 Part 5 (33.3 x 2)


I’m surprised I didn’t do this one sooner! Oh well, saved the best for last, eh? J


Posted: 11/09/05:


I suppose this was inevitable. I’ve run out of disk space. I have an external hard drive that I use to back up my work, but that doesn’t seem to be helping the issue. I’m waiting for my tech guy to call me back. I may or may not run to Staples tonight to remedy this problem. Otherwise it will have to wait until tomorrow.


That said, here is what I accomplished this evening after dinner.



11/09/05 Part 1 (Partial N/S/E/W)


Posted 11/08/05:


It is with great pleasure that I present a slide show that was, for the most part, put together by my mother, Kerstin. She has been a professional sculptress for more than 30 years. She decided to dig into her archives of old magazine clippings to demonstrate what she was remembering while viewing the art in my slide shows.


Here is her slide show. Sorry I can’t supply magazine bibliography info. These are random clippings. I know a couple of the images come from Time Magazine.


Without further adieu, my mother brings us full circle back to Earth.


Here’s one of my favorite examples…



Kerstin's Comparative Slide Show


Posted 11/06/05:


Here’s the image and setup for the day. Elysium! J



11/06/05 Part 2 (N,S,E,W)


11/06/05 Part 3 (22.5 x 4)


11/06/05 Part 4 (33.3 x 4)



I’m a little confused. After everything I typed yesterday about using my ‘reconstruction’ lines versus NASA’s image orientation, I went back and looked at my downloaded copy of the FOM. I used the image’s border to find a North line. It’s not even close to what I used.



One can clearly see that that white line is not the same North line I used to find the Hidden Sphinx.


I wonder what that’s all about. Maybe NASA didn’t want anyone mirroring FOM the right way by accident so they skewed it just a tad.


We’ll see….


Here’s what happens when you mirror the image assuming NASA oriented FOM North.



I don’t understand…. Yet. J


To further illustrate my point. The red lines are North/South and East/West according to my proven method. The black line is how NASA has FOM oriented according to North.



Something is definitely fishy. I’ve measured the angle. As far as I can tell at the present moment, it appears NASA has rotated FOM about 12.1 degrees clockwise from true North.


I wonder who’s right?


Posted: 11/03/05:


Today, I wanted to go back to color images. I’ve decided to finish this image using the following setup.



11/03/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


11/03/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


11/03/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)


Posted: 11/02/05:


Well, I started one image, then I changed my mind. J.


This image is V12757004. I can’t figure out a way to type in that number at the Themis website so I can bring up the image and link it quickly. Anyway, here’s the image and setup.



11/02/05 Part 6 (N, S, E, W)


11/02/05 Part 7 (22.5 x 2)


11/02/05 Part 8 (22.5 x 2)


11/02/05 Part 9 (33.3 x 2)


11/02/05 Part 10 (33.3 x 2) I found a cross in this set.



This is the first image I started to work with today.



Here is the setup:



Here’s the partial show.


11/02/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)