Posted: 10/31/05:


I was going through and downloading images this evening. I noticed something rather strange about this one. Zoom in on it. Why is there data missing from most of the crater rims?

Here is another example. In light of everything, it seems rather dubious. It’s probably nothing.


Where to begin?? I downloaded the following image from this website. What does the crowd want to see?!



Wow, look what I found!   Happy Halloween J J J



10/31/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


10/31/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


10/31/05 Part 3 (33.3. x 4)


This is new from ASU.


Check it out…





Posted: 10/30/05:


If you can believe it, go here to see which image this set up and slide show is from:



Since the last series ended in three parts, I’ll just pick this one up @ 10/30/05 Part 4


10/30/05 Part 4 (N,S,E,W)


10/30/05 Part 5 (22.5 x 2)




Pick a crater, any crater….



Eagles are down 14-0 in the first… here’s the set up and a link to the original image: J



This image is E/W. Sorry, I didn’t feel like doing the full set with this one.



Well, so much for cleaning up the presentation. I picked another amazing example of Mars’ artificial landscape from ASU’s Themis website.


Here is the setup:



Here is the show. (This entire series fit nicely into 3 parts)


10/30/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


10/30/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


10/30/05 Part 3 (33.3 x 4)


Posted: 10/29/05:



I started another slide show using this image and this setup. Aesthetically speaking, the overall design of Mars’ artificial landscape allows for considerable error while doing the mirroring. Symbolically speaking, it seems to matter very much where the exact center is. That said, here is the image and the setup I used. I show the crater then a blow up of the tiny crater that is in the center.


 Sorry the red lines are so faint. There’s still a lot I need to learn about Photoshop J


Here’s the first slide show: 10/29/05


Having said that, I’ve revisited the series dated 10/25/05. I’m questioning the axis of symmetry I used. I also failed to show my set up, so here it is.



The next image is where I now think it should go, and why.


 Notice the North line runs tangent to the two big craters and exactly bisects the tiny one at the top of the image.


Then I went back to ESA to see what else I might find. Their website is down… I wonder if I have anything to do with that? J

So I went here instead and nabbed this little goodie to play with.


 Stay tuned for the rest of the show! J J J


This is the setup:



Here is the show:


10/29/05 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


10/29/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 2)


10/29/05 Part 3 (22.5 x 2)


10/29/05 Part 4 (33.3 x 2)


10/29/05 Part 5 (33.3 x 2)


Then I went back for one more.


Here is the setup. Since it is my second set of the day, I will just call it 10/29/05 Parts 6 – 10.



Here is the show.


10/29/05 Part 6 (N,S,E,W)


10/29/05 Part 7 (22.5 x 2)


10/29/05 Part 8 (22.5 x 2)


10/29/05 Part 9 (33.3 x 2)


10/29/05 Part 10 (33.3 x 2)



Posted: 10/28/05


This page has become a mess. I have all weekend to work on it…. Or do I? J


Here is an image of NASA’s suspicious example of pareidolia with the lines of symmetry placed where I believe they ought to be placed. It appears the artificial art craters, (for lack of a better word) have an alignment system of their own. If it’s linear, bisect it. If it’s a crater, run the lines tangent to it. It’s just that simple.


This is the setup I used for the Happy Show.



POSTED: 10/27/05


Here is the finale for 10/26/05.


10/26/05 Part 4 (33.3 x 4)




Max The Knife self corrects once again… heheheh ;)


The Happy Show, Part 1 (n,s,e,w)


The Happy Show, Part 2 (22.5 x 2)


The Happy Show, Part 3 (22.5 x 2)


The Happy Show, Part 4 (33.3 x 2)


The Happy Show, Part 5 (33.3 x 2)



Posted: 10/26/05


Here is the N,S,E,W gallery which was previewed in yesterday’s post.


10/26/05 Part 1 (n,s,e,w)


10/26/05 Part 2 (22.5 x 2)


10/26/05 Part 3 (22.5 x2)


10/26/05 Part 4 (33.3 x 4)


Posted: 10/25/05


Can’t wait to get started on this tomorrow! J




Couldn’t wait… here’s one to keep you all warm until tomorrow J



Today, I felt like going back to ESA.


This is the image I’m using



Here’s set 1. It includes both mirrors from North/South & East/West.


10/25/05 Part 1


10/25/05 Part 2 (all 4 pairs of 33.3. ~110 images)


10/25/05 Part 3 (1st pair of 22.5)


10/25/05 Part 4 (2nd pair of 22.5)


Posted: 10/24/05


So today I said, why not?


I’m sure interested parties will remember this little slap in the face.



Well, here’s a little slap, right back at ‘em J


10/24/05 Part 1


Just so everyone’s clear. There were no cardinal alignment notes on the original NASA image. I had to apply what I’ve learned so far during my adventure. I’ve noticed over the past month or two, that every crater has marks that are there to help guide you. All I had to do was look for marks that bisect the ‘crater’, extend a line that uses the marks, and begin mirroring.


I can’t tell you at this moment what line it is that I use in the above slide show. What I can do is predict that I’ve found one of the meaningful alignment lines, i.e., N/S, E/W, 22.5, 33.3.


So, I would be willing to ‘bet the farm’ and say that the line I’ve drawn and used to do the slide show is +/- x degrees from one of them.


If N,S,E,W are the image’s border, one can do this…




Yeah, that looks right to me…. North mirror….




If the above cardinal lines are accurate, my original guess is about 18.6 degrees off East. That may or may not be significant. That number came up frequently while I was doing my reconstructive geometry. Turns out 18.6 is about .865 degrees away from 19.5.


I will be working on the slide show tonight. J


To save time, I only did the big picture and showed it one way. Here are all twenty:


10/24/05 Big Picture




Posted: 10/23/05


After a couple of days of relaxing, I sat down and realized that I have accurate N/S, E/W, 22.5 & 33.3 lines that are as accurate as the data that ESA has given on the image data.


Here are the first sets. It doesn’t get any better than this, folks. J


10/23/05 Part 1


10/23/05 Part 2


10/23/05 Part 3


10/23/05 Part 4


10/26/05 Part 5 (4 complete sets of 22.5 off e/w)


Posted: 10/21/05


As promised + more J


(I’m only showing these in one direction. The images are huge and doing so will save me considerable time while working w/ this ESA image.)


10/21/05 Part 7


10/21/05 Part 6


10/21/05 Part 5


10/21/05 Part 4


10/21/05 Part 3


10/21/05 Part 2


10/21/05 Part 1


Posted 10/20/05 ( To be clear, this is the image I’m working with today. It can be found here)


I will be starting  tomorrow’s efforts with this mirror image….



Here is another one using east/west. I only mirrored one side.


10/20/05 Part 4


Wow, scratch what I wrote below. I think I have something to work with…. The given line at the bottom of the ESA image can be traced and extended. J


This slide show is my first effort w/ a seemingly accurate north line.


 10/20/05 Part 3


I have not measured these ESA images. I simply applied my emerging ‘Marked Crater Theory’. I need to find a way to verify how close I am to true north. I’ll have to see if I can verify whether or not the north line that is given in the bottom margin of the image is accurate. At the moment, I have no idea.


In other words, I’m not sure whether or not the lines I’ve used are even remotely accurate. What I am sure of at the moment is I see a hexagon and another ‘phoenix’. Remember when I goofed the first hidden pentagon I found? The pentagon was still obvious even though my alignment was slightly off.


Check it out….


10/20/05 Part 2


So then I decided to go out and test my crater theory on a certain ESA image….


Please see the following slide show for the results.


 10/20/05 Part 1



This is unreal. It’s my first try since last night. ~~~Max shakes his head, speechless~~~



Posted 10/19/05





Posted 10/18/05


I’m off the mosaic for the time being J


I’ve downloaded a few swaths from ASU’s Themis website


10/18/05 Part 1


10/18/05 Part 2


Posted: 10/17/05:






Posted: 10/16/05


 10/16/05 Part 1


 10/16/05 Part 2


For 1 pair of the 33.3 set, I get to refer you to a pair from a previous set J


How can this be, you say?


Look, I already did that pair yesterday, 10/15/05 Part 4!



 10/16/05 Part 3 (see 10/15/05 Part 4 for other pair of mirrors)


 10/16/05 Part 4


 10/16/05 Part 5




Begin sets of Cydonia symmetry image galleries


10/15/05 work


 10/15/05 Part 1 (Should’ve done this set a long time ago)


 10/15/05 Part 2


 10/15/05 Part 3


 10/15/05 Part 4


 10/15/05 Part 5




What does it mean?! So many combinations to try!


I mirrored this 1st  image just like one should mirror the FOM to get the hidden sphinx. I used my given N/S line and placed it over each feature’s  ‘crater’ . I then mirrored the western side.






Here are some other random mirrors from this area. When I say ‘random’, everyone should understand that every single crater seems to produce something significant. The image directly above was done with a 33.3, counter clockwise, off North line.  That’s the same line Richard Hoagland used when he originally proposed that the FOM is actually a sphinx some 15 years ago.


Here is a short gallery. I’m not doing full sets at the moment. I’m looking for ‘craters’ located nearby key features and doing whatever sets seem to come in contact with the landform.


10/12/05 Part 1



Click on the image below for a short slide show of close-ups. I used 33.3, clockwise, off North.

Post date: 10/14/05 (part 1)



Ok, ok… here’s one more quick slide show before the weekly card game! 10/14/05 Part 2


Well, I lost at Texas Hold ‘em tonight L, but here’s another set I worked real quick before bed using 22.5, counter clockwise, off East. 10/14/05 Part 3




10/13/05 Part 1


10/13/05 Part 2


About the above slide show…. I must say it’s my favorite so far. At this point, I’m just throwin’ darts and I think the above is definitely a ‘bullseye’.




10/09/05 Part 6 (It’s hard to keep track… this is all of them J )


10/09/05 Part 5


10/09/05 Part 4


10/09/05 Part 3


10/09/05 Part 2


10/09/05 Part 1




10/04/05 Part 5


10/04/05 Part 4


10/04/05 Part 3


10/04/05 Part 2


10/04/05 Part 1




10/3/05 Part 5


10/03/05 Part 4


10/03/05 Part 3


10/03/05 Part 2


10/03/05 Part 1




10/02/05 Part 5


10/02/05 Part 4


10/02/05 Part 3


10/02/05 Part 2


10/02/05….part 1: Eureka! (


10/01/05…. 6th set of the day…. Wow, that was a really cool idea!




UNBELIEVABLE!!! 09/30/05 Cydonia Mirror images (rather than redo this slide show, I adjusted and corrected a couple of the images in part 5)




UNBELIEVABLE PART 3…. IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER. 09/30/05 (no wonder, look at the date and numbers I’ve assigned the images)




UNBELIEVABLE PART 5…. ENJOY THESE WHILE I FINISH THE REST TODAY, 10/01/05 (minor adjustments to part 1 images added here)








09/29/05 NEW  Face on Mars Gallery Updated 09/30/05 to include older mirrors + 19.5 off E/W & N/S






The Hidden Sphinx explanation page


My very first image gallery of Cydonia Mirrors


My second image gallery of Cydonia Mirrors


09/25/05 Gallery….about 15 images in here.


09/26/05 Gallery… This one’s my favorite so far…. 


09/27/05 Gallery… Some wild symbols in this one….


09/28/05 Gallery….  50+ images….


09/28/05 Gallery, Part 2


Click here for my Face on Mars mirror slide show.


Click here for FOM analysis


Click here for FOM 33.3 mirror analysis


Click here for FOM 22.5 mirror analysis


Click here for FOM N/S mirror analysis


MaxTheKnife’s Photo Gallery 1


76 Data Geometry Photo Gallery 1


MTK’s Humble Beginning Gallery 1


A word about sacred geometry


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What really got me started on this epic project was my participation in two online forums. The Enterprise mission, which is private ($3.95 p/mo) and


I cannot list threads to TEM’s forum because it’s private, however here’s a list of great threads I’ve participated in at SDC.  It’s been educational and inspiring to say the least.

1.      Geometry at Cydonia (My first thread)

2.      Coincidences Are So Cool! (Zen’s thread! A must read!   Hopefully, I’ll be able to inspire my good friend Zen to provide some words to supply extra context from his point of view. He really deserves special mention here. Zen, as I have come to know him, has an amazing online presence. He has a knack for eloquence and a flare for profundity. Things would have turned out much differently if it wasn’t for ZenOnMars. Thanks, Zen.  Good luck with your new Blog!                                        

3.      Deep Impact Predictions

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I will eventually find time to develop a page on my website to Sunken Pyramids, and other megalithic Earth ruins. Understanding Cydonia may be just a few meters under water…..or under the Sphinx’s front paws!  One should definitely check out Professor Masaaki Kimura’s evidence from Yonaguni, Japan courtesy of the Morien Institute.


Until I do create the sunken pyramid section, here are some other wonderful websites that are developed. 


1.      Keith Laney.

2.      Dr. Tom Van Flandern. 

3.      Dr. Mark Carlotto



6.      Cydonian Imperative 

7.      Common Sense Central


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