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Step 1: Notice whatís given.


Notice there are 3 straight lines available in this image. The two straight edges on the left are 33.3 degrees off North/South. The third straight edge is the forehead line. That line happens to be 33.3 off East. Any 3 of these lines can be used, but there is a way one can achieve near perfection. One of the straight edges comes ready with 3 alignment tools.



Two of the alignment tools are pictured here. Notice the dot on the left has a point to it. The one on the right is more rounded. I like to start my line on the upper tip of the pointed tool.



Here is the third alignment tool. Itís the tip of the lionís ear.



I then run the line from the tip of the pointed tool through the tip of the lionís ear.


Before I demonstrate, take special notice of the Faceís exact center. Itís a circle with jagged edges which actually help you find the Faceís symmetry.



Step 2: Use whatís given


Iíve drawn the line exactly as I described above. I also placed a circle in the Faceís exact center.



Step 3: Angle construction


Now, in order to find a perfect north line, I had to construct a line that is exactly 56.7 degrees off the given 33.3 off East/West line. I demonstrate that here. I also positioned it directly in the center of the circle.



Step 4: Lasso and copy


Now I can use the lasso tool to precisely trace and copy what you see here.



Step 5: Splice together


The last step(s) are: Paste, flip horizontal, rotate and slide into position.



Step 6


Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeatÖÖ.




In other words, do that 20 times.



Here are all 20 mirrors of the FOM. I show each image then rotated 180 degrees so you will actually be viewing 40 images.


Complete Face on Mars Symmetry Slide Show


Or click here to see them all posted in low resolution, all on one web page.


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