January and February Journal entries:


Posted 02/25/06 Late Afternoon:


Just thinkin’ out loud here… This is the first decent satellite image of Giza I’ve been able to find. It seems measurable anyway…


I don’t know what to think about this just yet… but here are 1st try results:

Click for full size image… Remember, N/S/E/W=RED, 22.5=BLUE, 33.3=WHITE.


Posted 02/25/06:


Today, I started from scratch. Whew, wow… In order to properly orient this image, or ‘geo-rectify’ it, I had to rotate it –2.9 degrees. Can anyone detect a note of sarcasm? ;)


Once the image is aligned properly, the rest is a piece of cake.


I can now also see a connection to some other obvious symbols I’ve uncovered along the way. Some of the most stunning examples can be found in my November Gallery.


Click here for a slide show with multiple examples.


It appears the dots are connecting themselves.


Keith Laney’s Face on Mars image collection:




Here’s a slide show:


Hi Resolution Face on Mars Symmetry Slide Show.


Here are links to all 20 full resolution images. I encourage everyone to view these mirrors right side up & down. To save disk space, I’m only showing them one way.


01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20


Posted 02/24/06:


This image is from Keith Laney’s Face on Mars image collection:


Here he is… in high definition.


Click here for full 2.5MB version.



Click for full resolution version…



Click for full resolution version…


Of course…

Click for full resolution version…


Wowow! Like it or not, I found a matching symbol! I think it’s unmistakable…


Face on Mars, E/W mirror compared to my Halloween 2005 E/W find.

Click here for full resolution image.



Posted 02/09/06:


There’s a new Feature Image over at the Themis website


I think I have a new personal favorite. I found this when I rotated my ‘Tetrahedral Mirroring Tool’ –10.5 degrees.


Click here for full image


In case you’re wondering, one can measure the lines in the original image and extrapolate the following…


Click here for full image




Posted 02/01/06:


I can’t believe it has been this long since I posted anything…


Here is a mini slide show of N/S mirrors:


02/01/06 (N/S)


I see lots of interesting splits for this feature. I’ll work on a few more soon. J




Posted 01/13/06:


Here’s one in Cydonia I’ve been wanting to get to for a while…


Here’s the setup:


Here’s the show…


01/13/06 Part 1 (N,S,E,W)


01/13/06 Part 2 (22.5 x 4)


Can’t wait to talk about this stuff…


Have a great weekend everyone! J


Posted 01/10/06:


I started working with the new image over at ESA. Here’s the link.


It’s not the most exciting series I’ve done, but they can’t all be winners. Even so, a couple of them are still impressive.


Here’s the setup, click.


Here’s the slide show…


01/10/06 Part 1 (N/S/E/W)

01/10/06 Part 2 (22.5 x 2)

01/10/06 Part 3 (22.5 x 2)


I have all of the 33.3 images, I just haven’t made the two slide shows yet. I’ll do ‘em tomorrow. J


Lol, but first, Look what I found at ESA… click here for image.


This slide show is made of random North mirrors. Actually I did sneak one 22.5 in there… J


01/10/06 Part 6 (North mirrors + 1 @ 22.5)



Posted 01/07/06:


I’ve been spending some quality time at Keith Laney’s new forum, The Hidden Mission.  I started a thread there called The Hidden Geometry of Cydonia.


Keith presented me this image.


Here’s the setup, click.


Here’s the slide show with a couple of extras that I hunted for without using my ‘crater method’. The show includes all 20 mirrors. Each image is shown and then rotated 180 degrees.


01/07/06 Columbia series slide show.


Posted 01/03/05:


Updated: Please read my recent addition to A word about my experience.


Posted 01/01/06:

Happy New Year!!!


Check out my very first attempt at a mosaic, click. What’s cool about my mosaic is, it’s pre-aligned n/s/e/w. Think NASA has any job openings? J J J


I went back to look some more at this business of NASA misaligning images which contain the FOM. A while back, I started working with other strips from ASU Themis data assuming they were aligned n/s/e/w. I wanted to see what, if anything, I could prove or illustrate. What I can say so far is, the two images I’ve started to play around with are not aligned properly.


The two images I’m working with are: V02834004 & V01024003. The first image is rotated 7.8 degrees off north while the second is rotated 7.9 degrees.


But anyway…. Wowow! Check out these mirrors! J


010106 (partial n/s only)




D&M Axis of symmetry slide show!


The above slide show was done with this image, V01024003… Band 3, tiff format. Give me more!!!


This find has led me to believe that either my mosaic stinks or I’ve made an error about where the left 60 degree arm of the D&M points in the City. I’ll try to explain more later on. I want to explore this image some more! J


Edit:  Yes, pretty sure my mosaic stinks L The above is accurate. The first partial slide show should probably be done over, but the changes would be minor.


 I think I’ll leave the mosaic making to the pros. J


Just foolin’ around…

 Short slide show to go with this image, click.