The Dog Star

(Posted 05/13/10)

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Going back into Dr. Carlotto's Martian Enigmas has provided me critical data points which have led to some astonishing discoveries.

Apparently, there was one more carefully hidden clue that, in my humble opinion, yielded the pièce de résistance.

On page 161 of Carlotto's book, in the top left corner of the page, there is a quote which turns out to be amazingly apropos.

"You must be prepared for a surprise, and a very great surprise.- Neils Bohr

In the body of that same page, the cleverly hidden clue appears.

Carlotto writes,

"Hoagland noticed that the City appeared to be aligned with the Face; in particular, that a line through the mouth points directly at the City and Face which he measured to be 23.5 degrees north of due east...[sic]"


23.5 degrees north of due east?!

That red line notated as "Cydonia east" is only 2.35 degrees away from due east which makes Hoagland's alignment 28.35 degrees off due east.

No way... 23.5 degrees is not even in the ball park!

When I first saw this, I became really upset.

I had already published the solstice revelation and began to worry that the number Carlotto had given, 34.2 degrees, could not be trusted.

After I fired off a distressed email to Hoagland, I went to his book The Monuments of Mars and scanned in a copy of the page that gave me the idea to independently measure out this scenario in the first place.

I then measured Hoagland's scanned version and compared our results.

(Scanned from 'Monuments', white line and text added by me)

I was prepared for at least a minor discrepancy, but to my surprise, they were a spot on match.

Hoagland's illustration is not even off by .3 degrees, a discrepancy I noted between his and Carlotto's published measurements early on in Truth & Light.

This really made me raise an eyebrow and forced me to put on my thinking cap.

I inserted a 23.5 degree line north of due east and moved it all over my map to no avail.

I couldn't find a single thing of interest.

So, I walked away from it for a few days.

It turns out the break did me good.

Around the third day from being away from Cydonia, I had an idea.

What if 23.5 doesn't relate to due east, rather True North?


When I moved that line onto the apex of 'their' pyramid, I could immediately see it was relevant.

The first thing I saw was that it shared the opposite side of the site I used to set up 'their' pyramid.

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I could also see a reflection on Isis' platform that I had already discovered.

But this time, instead of 22.5 off of Hoagland's north it was coming into play on this new 23.5 line.

The 1.35 degree discrepancy made a huge difference in what is reflected within the City.

From the bottom up, Isis' platform reveals a face I've referred to as 'The Fool' because it looks like its wearing a joker's hat and because I  happened to publish it on April Fool's day.

Directly above that is an image of Horus with wings.

Upon careful examination, one can even see his head and face.

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Above Horus, nothing overtly interesting save their ship coming into focus.

Then, on the flip side of the same reflection...

... the two interesting reflections on the bottom disappear but another one appears on top.

Isis reveals herself in one of the wildest reflections I've seen yet.

Ok... so apparently 23.5 has something to do with Isis... but what?

So I started to measure to see how this line actually relates to the overall geometry.

It didn't take me very long to measure this.

It turns out, that line is exactly 28.35 degrees away from the D&M's left arm which of course matches the 28.35 degree "Hoagland solstice scenario".

Furthermore, I remembered what I had recently noted in Humble Pie.

Namely the intersection of three key lines, one of them being the left arm of the D&M (shown in yellow).

All I was seeing in my mind's eye was the left arm of the D&M pyramid and the angle 2.35.

So... on a hunch, I copied the D&M's left arm, rotated it 2.35 degrees and did the reflections.

(No sooner it also dawned on me that 23.5 is 2.35 with the decimal point moved!)

On the bottom, nothing too interesting, but on top, another version of Isis with two hearts coming together.

One around her face, the other between her breasts which are formed by a feature I've previously identified as the head of Osiris.

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On the flip side of that I discovered another geometrically valid reflection of their ship.

And on the bottom was a surprise for which I was definitely not prepared.

A perfect star crowning the unmistakable face of a dog.

The full reflection looks like this.

And as any amateur Egyptologist knows, the star Sirius is heavily associated with Isis...

... and is also known as the Dog Star.

In other words, this image screams "We are from Sirius, the Dog Star!"

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It turns out the supposition I made nearly 3 years ago was right.

In my original Truth & Light power point presentation, on slides 141-143 I wrote:


"Maybe ground truth examination of this remarkable pyramid will reveal a better target for the light of some distant star to find as it rises above the eyes of their Face.

Who knows...

Perhaps some day we will discover upon entering the City Square's pyramid there are star shafts just like the ones in the Great Pyramid of Giza waiting to reveal their precise intentions upon excavation.

Wouldn't it be... educational to learn the following reflection found precisely on this tetrahedral line...

Is really a winged ship signifying their arrival.

Light from home symbolically reflecting through a star shaft onto another axis within the pyramid which reflects a symbol of their flight... their journey.

It seems reasonable to assume at this time".


As it turns out, we didn't have to wait for ground truth excavation.

The information is given through the geometry and the symbolism.

But there's more...

Upon realizing the significance of the Dog Star reflection...

... I simply could not ignore the image in the middle which appears as a shadowy face sitting upon a very broad and powerful body.

His arms are each protected by a pair of very large shields.

Could this shadowy figure be a reference to Osiris, God of Death and the Underworld?

Or... Orion the Hunter?

Or... both?!

Based on all my research, I think it is obvious.

As I illustrate in Cydonia's Universal Symbolism, this feature...

... is a clear representation of Osiris' head.

Again, any amateur Egyptologist knows the constellation Orion is heavily associated with Osiris.

Therefore, it stands to reason the three mounds attached and emanating from it represent Orion's belt.

And remember this version of their ship reveals Osiris' crown which I can now interpret as being tipped with the stars of his home.

As well, the shadowy figure of Orion the Hunter begins to emerge.

And the line that reveals the above reflection just happens to pass straight through the middle of Orion's Belt.

So, for the moment, the question "where do they come from", points to two specific stars.

Sirius, and according to the geometry in the above image, the middle star of Orion's Belt...

Alnilam... which is 1201 light years away.

Sirius... a mere 9 light years away.

Even though time and distance may have no bearing on space travel utilizing the underlying physics model of Cydonia, given the very readable symbolism I have to assume this epic journey began with Osiris on Alnilam.

His first stop was Sirius where I assume Isis was born as it has become known to be her star.

From there, Osiris and Isis came to our solar system together.

This scenario lends reason as to why the ship looks somewhat fuller in the "Dog Star" version.

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And it may also explain the symbolism of the young, winged, Osiris the Dragon transforming into a bright star and and directly below that, a dog, which could only be interpreted as Isis.

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Also notice that when Orion the Hunter's shields come together, another subtle outline of a heart takes shape.

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To me, all of this indicates that Osiris and Isis traveled to our solar system together.

And all of this is heavily supported not only by the symbolism of Cydonia, but by the myths, legends, and symbolism of several thousand years worth of globally indoctrinated astronomical associations.

I suspect the geometry will eventually reveal all.

Like when...

When did Osiris arrive at Sirius?

When did Osiris and Isis arrive here?

I have an idea that might help answer at least one of these questions.

Taking into account Mars' obliquity and knowing the City is situated at approximately 41.05 degrees N. Latitude, 9.8 W. Longitude, should make it possible to calculate if and when such an alignment ever occurred.

Given the cleverly coded information in Carlotto's and Hoagland's books, I'm guessing that number might turn out to be 500,000 years ago.

While Hoagland's solstice scenario may actually have been satisfied per Carlotto's suggested date of 33,000 years ago.

As I keep reiterating, I don't have the expertise or the software which would enable me to answer these questions once and for all.

Until somebody steps up to confirm or deny the above scenario, this is my best educated guess.

Until that happens, what I have concluded from putting this paper together is the following...

Osiris and Isis traveled to our solar system together from Sirius.

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But it all began with Osiris the Dragon leaving his home star.

(If this image isn't flashing, refresh the page)

The geometry points directly through Alnilam, the center star of Orion's belt leading me to believe this is his star of origin.

Furthermore, the research and connections discovered by Bauval and Hancock between the layout of Giza and the constellation Orion along with Sirius can no longer be ignored.

A nearly identical scenario has now been decoded on the surface of an entirely different planet... Mars.

Earth and Mars are now inexorably linked.

Being familiar with Bauval's and Hancock's findings, there is one crucial scenario that ought to be there.

That scenario involves the Great Sphinx itself and its orientation with regards to the constellation Leo.

What I'm getting at is, there might be something missing from Hoagland's scenario.

I could be wrong and I don't even know if it is possible in the celestial scheme of things.

However, it would make perfect sense if the constellation Leo, specifically Regulus, was involved in Hoagland's scenario.

A trinity rising.

A trinity signifying the place of Ra's origin,  the place where he relocated his 'children', and the hand he has had in shaping our solar system.

That would turn out to be another brilliant... no... breathtakingly genius reinforcement.

Even if I'm dead wrong, it is time to re-write history.

We are from Mars as indicated by Hoagland's original solstice scenario.

We are 'created' in their image.

And the Gods come from Orion and Sirius, The Dog Star.

As for the mislabeled measurements published in Carlotto's book, they could only have been intentional.

Hoagland and Carlotto both knew all of this.

Publishing these 'mistakes' was in effect a prediction that someone would come along, independently verify all of their measurements, and piece it all together.

Like I said, the quote Carlotto chose for that specific page turned out to be amazingly apropos.

"You must be prepared for a surprise, and a very great surprise.- Neils Bohr

The surprises were very great indeed.

(Image source: ESA)

I can't wait to see what happens next...

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