A Final Measurement

(Posted 08/20/09)


I suppose it's about time I relayed this story.

Like with most good and caring fathers, Paul took responsibility for me in that he made sure his life experiences were instilled within me.

Because of the things he had to endure growing up in war torn and German occupied Poland, I probably gained a slight advantage over the average child.

It wasn't just the amazing stories I grew up listening to, rather what I was able to glean from them because of the uncanny strength my father possessed to rise above it all and learn from it because of his unbelievable ability to put things into... perspective.

That said, while my father would spend weekdays during the summer months working in Philadelphia, he always left early on Fridays to come down to our Maryland summer home.

Weekends with Tata were always filled with plenty of 'doing'.

Normally, on Saturday morning we would load up the boat and head towards the famous Assateague Island.

Back then, in the 1980s, Ocean City, Maryland wasn't nearly as crowded as it has become.

Even so, it was relatively crowded and one of the best kept secrets was, if you had a boat, to anchor off the northern bayside tip of Assateague and escape the crowds.

The worst part was having to wade in from the anchored boat to the beach enduring what always seemed to be a favorite nesting place for Maryland blue crabs.

I remember vividly being terrified of the crabs and clinging to my father's shoulders for dear life until we made it safely to the shore.

With only about a ten minute walk from there, we were soon on the ocean side of Assateague with a view of Ocean City's crowded Boardwalk amusement rides and a whole beautiful beach belonging almost exclusively to ourselves.

This was the place Paul loved most.

He often said, "When I die, this where I want my ashes to go.".

As fate would have it, not only were his ashes put in the ocean there according to his wish, it is also where he took his final breath.

Fate soon revealed those weren't the only meaningful things to happen there.

I was about 12 or 13 years old.

We were walking along the beach together and I remember wondering what direction, exactly, was our Pennsylvania home.

I knew from looking at maps that it was due north, so I asked my father.

Paul smiled and said, "Go get a stick".

He proceeded to teach me the procedure one can use to reliably determine direction using a vertical object, the Sun, and geometry.

I could tell from the excitement in his voice as he explained that there was a greater lesson about to be learned.

When we finished determining approximately where our Pennsylvania home was, he smiled and said, "Do you get it?".

I said, "yeah, I think so. It's that way."

He said, "No, when you get it, you'll know so. I'll give you a hint. That vertical stick represents you. And utilizing simple geometry,  you just found True North... through the light."

The magnitude of what he was saying swept over me like a tidal wave.

My mouth fell open and I said softly, "There is Truth in the Light."

Then I quickly deduced, "And it can never be hidden from me".

He smiled and said, "And THAT, Max, is the BIGGEST secret of all.".

I learned virtually everything I will ever need to know about politics and  truth versus belief  in religion that hot summer day on a beach where the horses run free.


But like I said, I was young when that happened.

Like with many important things we learn along the way, some of the important ones have a tendency to become taken for granted.

And take it for granted I did.

Obviously, this 'big secret' caught up to me in a hurry during the course of writing Truth & Light.

When I realized what was going on, I became an emotional wreck.

I didn't think the tears would ever stop.

At first, they were tears of  joy at the realization of how pure, simple, yet profoundly deep the message of Cydonia really is.

Those tears soon turned to sorrow as I shared my conclusions with family and friends and...

...none of them seemed to get it.

It wasn't until I started putting together The Dragon, Cydonia's Universal Symbolism, and Loose Ends, that light bulbs started to pop on over their heads.

Maybe, given this short writing and enough time, they will be able to put Truth & Light into perspective and see the importance of the first message I received but apparently failed to effectively get across.

I sincerely hope they do because my final measurement isn't going to be easy for many people to stomach either.

My final measurement is in regards to the events of September 11, 2001 and the lies which propagated soon after.

Trust your own eyes.

Trust your own common sense.

We can longer afford to take any authority figure's word for things.

What I've discovered at Cydonia is proof of that.

The time for silliness is over.

A steel tower cannot collapse and disintegrate at the rate of gravity given the known circumstances of  that tragic day.

It's a simple matter of  force and applied... geometry.

(If this image is flashing, refresh the page)

Think about and consider not just this incredibly significant measurement but all the available evidence.

Endeavor to discover exactly how the Two Towers and WTC 7 fell the way they did and I promise the rest will take care of itself.

We must all come together to "figure this mystery out for ourselves".

This is my Final Measurement to give before 'it' finally happens.

The Face on Mars promises Truth & Light are here but we must each open our own eyes to receive it.


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