MaxtheKnife’s official response to permanent banishment from SDC.

(Posted: 04/22/06)


(Update, 07/05/09)

Since I originally wrote this page, has undergone a software update. Nearly all of the links are now dysfunctional.

 However, the actual threads, to my knowledge, still exist and are available to read under different web addresses, minus the numerous images that were originally posted to them.

I think this page still reads well and serves its purpose.

Should anyone wish to track down my citations, it shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Unfortunately, I’m focused on other things right now and I don’t have the time to correct all the links.




The following is a copy and past from the bottom of my October Gallery page. I actually wrote this sometime in August 2005 and I had intended to leave it as it was. Recent events have inspired me to expand…




What really got me started on this epic project was my participation in two online forums. The Enterprise mission, which is private ($3.95 p/mo) and


I cannot list threads to TEM’s forum because it’s private, however here’s a list of great threads I’ve participated in at SDC.  It’s been educational and inspiring to say the least.

1.     Geometry at Cydonia (My first thread)

2.     Coincidences Are So Cool! (Zen’s thread! A must read!   Hopefully, I’ll be able to inspire my good friend Zen to provide some words to supply extra context from his point of view. He really deserves special mention here. Zen, as I have come to know him, has an amazing online presence. He has a knack for eloquence and a flare for profundity. Things would have turned out much differently if it were not for ZenOnMars. Thanks, Zen.  Good luck with your new Blog!

3.     Deep Impact Predictions

4.     Civ on Mars, part 4. (This is the thread that ultimately inspired my website)

5.     Facinating article: Iapetus artificial construct! (This is the thread that inspired me to join SDC)

6.     Iapetus part 2

7.     Courtesy Iapetus Thread.

8.     Civ on Mars, Part 1

9.     Civ on Mars, Part 2

10.                        Civ on Mars, Part 3

11.                        Civ on Mars, Part 4 (2nd time I’ve linked this)

12.                        Civ on Mars, Part 5

13.                        Question about Cydonia

14.                        Question about Cydonia Part 2

15.                        Who built the pyramids?


End of copy and paste.




The following is intended to be a public response to a morally and ethically unjustifiable banishment from a well-known and respected public science forum known as’s Uplink Community.


I registered for uplink sometime in January of 2005. In kindest and simplest terms, my website is a direct result of my participation there. Considering the staggering implications of what I’ve uncovered, one would think the Uplink Community would endeavor to help me maintain my membership.


Apparently, the uplink community has endeavored to do the exact opposite.


On March 1, 2006, my active user account was suspended for 1 week. The reason for the suspension is given here. So, it is written on the record, “3/1/2006 - User Maxtheknife banned for one week for refusal to comply with moderator instructions and repeated disruptive behavior.”


The reason given is misleading and dishonest. If what I did could be considered ‘disruptive’, it is amazing that it took until my second year of participation to receive even a single warning about my behavior. In fact, there are a few other instances where a post I made was deemed ad hominem and deleted by a moderator. In each instance, I wasn’t 100% convinced of the decision, but I agreed and no warnings or incidents occurred. (An interesting side note)


The truth behind my suspension is a little more complicated than the reasons given. The naked truth of the matter is I was suspended for responding to a fellow member/friend and linking informative websites to substantiate my opinion. In short… participating. No more, no less.


The links I was forced to remove, I have posted from time to time in order to reference other thoughts and contentions. My post was not a deliberate attempt at topic derailment as Shadow and the rest of the SDC moderators would have the casual observer believe. The post was simply an observational response that required no more discussion or dissemination. The real disruption came from TheShadow’s subsequent comments and threats.


First he proceeded to insert a moderator demand into the very thread he was trying to ‘protect’ from derailment. He provided zero substantiation for his decision of judgment, in private or otherwise. Simply, he gave an order and I was expected to follow it… without question… literally, or else.


He wanted me to remove relevant links to Cydonia, EPH, and Yonaguni from my post. About 1 day later, having not yet seen his posted demand, I received a threatening private message from TheShadow. Among one or two other similar ban threats was this, “if I even complained about having to remove the links I would incur a 2 week suspension.” I replied in the open to his private message threats via my edited response.


Apparently, I am allowed to say what I want to say… I’m just not allowed to substantiate it. The demand isn’t remotely logical by any freedom of speech standard. This is the kind of moderating that has persisted since I joined. Not only has it persisted, it has escalated to the point of giving the appearance of what could be construed as a conspiracy to remove anyone who intelligently opposes or challenges current ‘mainstream’ thinking from the popular space science forum.


This chain of events struck a very delicate nerve in me. Had I known then what I know now about who TheShadow really is… aka, Mental Avenger, real name… David… I would have handled this entire situation much, much differently.


You see… the Mental Avenger and I already have quite a history of discussion during the long Civilizations on Mars thread series. (See links at top of page) Had I known he was utilizing two identities, I certainly would have had a two-fold advantage. For one, I would have had the advantage of previous conversations where Mental Avenger reveals his intellectual limitations. I would have also had the advantage of knowing that he was openly breaking the same rule he once had the audacity to cry about. In short, I would have had the advantage of credibility.


A simple yet informative investigation of Mental Avenger & TheShadow implies that David knowingly used the fact that I was unaware of his dual identity to his advantage in the debate forum. When I learned the truth about this breech of conduct and proven double standard, things escalated quickly between us and the result was my final banishment. Interesting to note that soon after my suspension, prominent long time contributor Skyeagle was banned for similar unethical and morally questionable reasons on 04/05/2006. Soon followed by my friend Jatslo’s ban on 4/21/2006. Then, astonishingly, my good friend Bob, aka, Rhw007 and Wiz007 was banned on 04/16/2006… for, get this… multiple identities: So it is written on the record… “Usernames rhw007 and wiz007 banned, multiple identities”.


Please read the entire thread that precipitated my 1st suspension and decide on your own if I was being ‘disruptive’ enough to warrant even an edit, let alone a warning followed by threatening private messages, and ultimately permanent banishment. In my considered opinion, this is obviously a morally ambiguous and ethically challenged excuse to eliminate superior scientific ‘competition’.


I have reason to believe that by the time this incident had occurred, the controlling biased majority had already formulated a plan. A plan that was intended to push me to my limits with the hope of me causing an infraction of the rules thereby providing false justification for banishment by reasons deemed ‘disruptive’. False justifications mind you, because the one leading the crusade turns out to be a hypocritical, rule breaking, truth twisting, discredited cop-out. Apparently the hijack police that Telfrow threatened me with was no joke.


No… the truth of the matter is ‘disruptive behavior’ is a very subjective term. Apparently ‘disruptive behavior’, within the context of this well-known space science forum, is to be defined by a man who no longer has any credibility aside from that which is given by the morally and ethically questionable space science forum that openly encourages anti-scientific behavior.


Case in point: Member/User Yevaud. I actually had to sing to this guy at one point just to get him to calm down shortly after he discovered my website. What do you suppose happened as a consequence of the exchanges? Dear old Yevaud gets promoted to the newly founded ‘Mission Control Team’. How’s that for justice. Apparently, malicious behavior is something to be rewarded at SDC.


Understand that when Yevaud decides to quote me, he never supplies the reader with a link to the context of my quote. It is really quite disgusting that I was forced to do it for him. If you’re reading this, Yevaud, I really want to thank you for posting some of my favorite responses, in Mental’s ridiculous propaganda thread. Got context?


Moving right along…


This brings me to my report on the reality of events precipitating my permanent banishment from SDC.


On April 14, 2006, my active user account was permanently banned. The reason given is here. “4/14/2006 - User Maxtheknife banned for multiple violations, including ignoring Moderator warnings, violating Moderator specific instructions, multiple re-editing/deleting of post that was edited by a Moderator.”


Considering the amount of context and evidence I have provided about my unjustifiable harassment at SDC, it should not come to anyone’s surprise TheShodow would engage in increasingly morally ambiguous editing habits as evidenced in his highly questionable editing romp thread. The ‘editing’ that went on in this thread eventually progresses from bad to worse. By the time MRO arrived and the first startling images were released, TheShadow was demonstrably out of control.


In a nutshell full of provided context… That’s when things finally boiled over.


I started a thread here.


A short time later, a fellow user named dmjspace, starts a similar thread in the SETI section.


In that similar thread, Yevaud makes a blatant false accusation, “Just be warned, they may come here and continue their shouting and hand-waving.”


I simply responded by saying “The only shouting and hand waving going on down there is from your camp” That’s it… that’s all I said. Which, by the way, is soon substantiated by ZenonMars here.


Later that night, I logged on to find my post deleted and replace with “***deleted irrelevant, off topic derailment attempt*** edited by, TheShadow.


This is essentially what happened up until the following PM exchange. I will provide the PM threat/warning exchange between me and TheShadow as well as my email to Calliarcale who I once believed might actually have some moral integrity. I was wrong. Once a cop-out, always a cop-out… or so it seems. Rather than respond to my following email, she decided to pass it over and respond to the next politically ‘manageable’ question. That post is linked here.


To follow is the PM exchange between Shadow and me following my response to Yevaud’s fallacious comments…

I am going to make this very easy for you. If you ever again edit a post that has been edited by a Moderator, you will be banned, and the ban will be permanent. If you disagree with the edit, you can contact another Moderator or Uplink Administration, but reediting (or deleting) a post that has been edited by a Moderator is NOT an option. Not ever.

In addition, it is not appropriate, nor will it be allowed, for members to make the kind of disparaging remarks you have made lately against other members. You grade school tactics won’t work here. Badgering other members about not responding, or not responding to your liking, is inappropriate and will not be allowed.

You are on very thin ice, be careful.

My response....

I disagree.... You're an unfair, narrow minded, ad hocing, cop out. Yevaud's remarks were the... "disparaging remarks made lately against other members.". I simply responded.

I didn't edit the post you edited... I responded. I'm allowed to respond.... cop out

Wanna take this up in Spaceter's thread? Hmmm, cop out?

I think it's you who are on thin ice.

I have made ZERO disparaging remarks.... show me one.

I'm going to post these two PM's in spaceter's thread later today when I get a chance.

Go away. The light is on you.... mental

Btw... I did contact another mod.

We'll see....


I followed up with an email to Calliarcale…


Calli... I hope you see what's going on here...

I received this PM from Shadow this morning:

I hope you do the right thing, Calli. Shadow is blatantly out of control and editing anything that doesn't suit his worldview. It's wrong and borders on censorship.

You and I may not like each other, but we have managed to stay civil and respectful of one another. The same cannot be said for shadow. His weakness has been exposed and he's clearly trying to cover it up.

He has failed as moderator and does not deserve to be one any longer.




Soon after these short exchanges, I was banned. I followed up with one more email to Calli. This email describes the chain of events clearly showing that Telfrow’s interpretations are false as usual. I replaced nothing.


Well Calli... Do you really think shadow was justified in banning me?

So you know, I did not edit his edit. I responded. He proceeded to delete that. I then went in and simply marked the post as edited by me so his name wouldn't appear. He went back and marked it edited by "shadow' again. Seem childish to you yet?

I finally deleted the entire post and left it marked as edited by me. I've done it before... to one of your edits as a matter of fact... I simply did not want his name on my post. There is nothing in tos about doing so. The shadow is mental, not to mention twisted... no two ways about it.

Remember what you said about cow towing? Pretty sure I'm banned cuz I would not submit to the mighty shadow. Did you expect me to cow tow? Please, spare me.

I don't expect you to do the right thing here, so....

Have a nice life,



When this is presented in the context of the disingenuous tactics already exposed by this short investigation, I think no further response by me is necessary. The truth and evidence speaks for itself. As does Calli’s non-response.


To follow are a few posts from my past at SDC. I post them because they indicate the type of open and friendly attitude that I tried to employ during my participation at SDC.


My background:


I have been open and honest with Uplink members.



These are posts by Mental Avenger and TheShadow. I post them here for all to see and examine. The first few posts in the Mental section are well after his belated, somewhat hidden, 'Free Space' announcement revealing his dual identity. Interesting, don't you think, that the announcement was not made in Suggestions & announcements?

Provided are links which conclusively prove that MA was responding as if he and Shadow aren't one and the same. (Compare for yourself the dates of the posts provided in both sections)

Then notice several other posts showing exactly how biased and ignorant David really is.


TheShadow posts:


Shadow politely chews out Stevehw33, 04/08/06

Response to Spacester 03/19/06

Shadow on MTK's first suspension 03/02/06

Sinister? Minion TEMers again? 02/25/06

Shadow on trolling and disrupting threads 02/21/06

Hmmm, More on trolling and Hijacking 02/21/06

Nice list there, mental 12/28/05

Poor baby... 11/17/05

Well, well, well... Shadow comes out of the closet 11/08/05

Interesting thread about shadow by bbk1. 11/13/05

Link to 'Look Who is Stepping out of the Shadows' 11/06/05


Mental Avenger posts:


MA post example 1 02/24/06

MA response in my Geometry thread... blatant bias revealed 02/20/06

MA & Shadow love to say yadda... 02/15/06

MA and Shadow love to draw the 'bottom line' 11/06/05

They appointed this guy as moderator??? 11/25/05

Link to an entire Thread started by Shadow but contributed to by MA as well... incognito. Really disgusting, imo. 11/13/05

An interesting thread about having the courage to stand up for one's convictions. Interesting posts by MA... 10/11/05

Lol... MA almost gets the politics... 10/11/05

Pure/unadulterated MA stupidity in the old 'Deconstructing RCH thread 09/30/05

Might as well link the whole Deconstruction thread... really good stuff in there 08/30/05

Deconstruction of RCH Pt 2 09/22/05

Well, well, well... MA on "Multiple User ids, Alter-egos, Disingenuous Pseudo-support. "  09/22/05

More ad hominem and admission of bias from MA 07/31/05

A nice thread...SDC is Under Attack by RCH and the Woowoo Patrol!!!! 07/27/05

Natural or Artificial... This is the thread I really wanted to find. It shows the blatant stupidity that SDC coddles and caters to. 06/06/05


Snide MA post 09/04/05


ZenonMars post 03/09/06 followed by…


Wise ass MA response. Notice date… 03/09/06 (Whole thread)







It is obvious morally ambiguous and ethically questionable reasoning and methods have taken over the position of ‘moderator’ at SDC. Rather than appointing unbiased moderators capable of choosing a road of moral ascendancy, SDC has chosen a road of moral discordance.